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January 04, 2011


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I'm so sorry! I went through every type of nipple with a couple of my kids. I never actually was able to ever bottle feed any of them. Other people could though....I feel your pain though it's tough.

The worst is my bother and his wife who at this pint won't ever have kids. He rants at me about being offended at people who brush off what he tells them about child rearing. Sorry, bro, being the oldest and having friends with kids is Not The Same!

And lately they've become pet owners and he tells me cute stories about Little Guy, the guinea pig, as if he is their baby.

If you are truly not in someone shoes, you just don't know. We can say all the live long day what we would do in his or her situation, but we are not in that person's shoes.

I'm so glad the shushing and dark worked. Ugh, I remember those days. It seemed hardly anything worked. So frustrating. Hang in there!

I've been there. I'm actually convinced that the exact reason that my entire birth plan fell to pieces is so God could make me eat my words and teach me how judgemental I've been - even though it was never on purpose. I just didn't know any better.

and I know I thought some things were easier. Even though I knew they were hard.. I thought that they wouldn't be THAT hard.

and I'm very emotional and hormonal today and now I'm going to go cry a little bit. or kick my own butt and tell me to suck it up and quit being a baby. or eat more chocolate while contemplating both choices.

Holy shit, dude. Once again, you totally nailed it.

Gah! Husband and I were just talking about we were huge child-rearing snobs before we had children. My child will only... or My child will never... phrases whirled around. We looked down our noses at parents who *gasp* let their children watch TV in the car, or *shudder* fed the toddler things with ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!

We were so naive. Now we eat our words every single day.

Yes, just that. Fucking yes.

Oh yes, I have been put in my place by my girls,too! I want to 2nd the suggestion to skip the bottle and go right to a cup. None of mine would take a bottle. A wise Nurse practitioner told me to use a cup when my oldest was 5 months or so (she's 16 now) My wise big sister told me to teach them to use a straw while they still suck on everything, I used that with the rest of them. Good luck!

I used to be SO MUCH MORE judgemental pre-kids...it's crazy. Now, I will never judge another mother again...were all just trying to do our best...messy as it is.

I never had a DINK phase. I'm bitter.
Maybe in 17.5 years.

We all do it in some ways.

I am probably being judged by the moms at my girls school...the same ones I judge.

It's hard not to at times. But I try not to say never. Because then, I'm the one doing whatever it is a while later.

I ate the phrase "My kid will never do that!". So I changed the phrase to "My kid will only do that once." I ate that too. So now my phrase is... yeah, I have no phrase. It hurts to bad to eat them!

PS: If you are having trouble with the bottle - try a cup. Babies can drink from a small cup.

Of all the things my kids have taught me, it is the lessons in humility that are probably most important. It is a shame that I'm such a poor student....

Oh, I still catch myself looking at the older kid terrorizing my little ones on the playground while her mother talks on her cell phone and thinking horrible judgmental things. But then I remind myself that I might be that mom in another 5 years. You don't really know how you'll parent until you're there.

We all have an inner sanctimommy. It's a fact. Hopefully though we can beat her back into submission with time and wisdom.

Boy, you nailed that one. One thing my boys have taught me is there is more grey than black and white while raising kids. My first son, even my first 3 sons, always had clean faces, clean clothes, I had a mess free, dust free house. My kids towed the line. By the time I had my 7th son, even my 6th, I'm lucky if they have clothes on all the time, not to mention being clean. We're always tripping on toys and writing in the dust. It took those last few kids for me to realize that as long as I love them unconditionally, there are many ways of parenting that work, my way for mine, others for them. Just wear shoes when you visit my house and feel free to leave the dirty dishes when I come to yours.

Congratulations. Nice insight. ;)

Wow.. Now I can Laugh being a single dad blinking that another human being went through the same as myself. This made me realize things when my child was younger, losing my wife to some Drunk driver, the house was always a mess and hearing comments of them seeing the same as i had done each day. Now as my little one is a bit older at 6yrs old. The house has changed and teaching her to always clean up so we do the house work together to make it cleaner. But still in the back of my mind its remembering the 'Oh so Many messes' and such a fright in my eyes coming home from work and the baby sitter waiting at the door wanting to get paid to get out of the house because of the mess my little one had created constantly. While trying to invite my 'So-Called Friends' to come over, none would come over, for fear of getting their hands dirty helping me clean up with my child wanting attention all the time. Those small painful times were kept inside of me.. till I read what you went through. The past days clear as a bell as if it were yesterday... Listening to Moms to be or the couples telling me about how clean they are & expecting their own kids soon in a Super Clean Environment. U-HUH! So much for that Crap! I love the Rant & Finally the Truth comes out. "Bravo"

You know it's funny how you think you are open mind and non-judgmental, and then you catch yourself doing just that.

Yep, been there done that. I remember sitting with a friend who told me her baby wouldn't nurse with other people talking in the room because he would be too distracted. I announced to my husband that she was coddling him and that she just needed to expose him to people and he'd get used to it. I also thought I'd teach my baby from a young age to sleep anywhere so we could take him anywhere. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! I got the worst sleeper in the world with my first, despite my good intentions. I had to choke down a big dose of pride with that one.

Let's just say when I had my first, my sister was all over my shit about her. My sister who is older had not yet had a child. Let just say karma came and is serving it right back to her. Don't think I don't judge because our friends who just got married are on there second dog and she just can't get anything done with them around. It is all I can do to not put her in her place but she may not be able to have children. So should I just live with the dog lover or put her in her place??

Oy, I've judged everything and then eaten my words ten fold.

Uh... yup. Judgmental is my middle name. Kids are a comeuppance, no doubt about it.


Yep, so true. Been there, done that.

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