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January 18, 2011


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Oh she is so sweet and darling and kissable!

She is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. OMG so cute!

Bloody gorgeous!

Look at her adorable face! I miss having a baby :(

She is gorgeous! For whatever reason I didn't catch your blog for a few months and you went from a few months pregnant to having a 3-month old! So adorable. Congratulations!!!!a

Oh, mama, you done good.

Kristen, she is SO CUTE!

So serious.

Ugh. Such a cute but serious little girl! I love it. She and Avery could have a staring match.

Oh, those furrowed little brows...they're making my face ache!

Aw, bebe!!

Dude. She TOTALLY looks like YOUR MOM. Am I nuts? I totally see Grandma Uncensored in there.

ok that girl is a cutie pie!

She is so beautiful! I definitely feel a bit of baby envy.

She is beautiful! You do good work, Mommy!

My uterus just contracted...

Oh friend, she's beautiful. I know I say that every dang time I see her photo. But it's true.

Didn't you just give birth in your driveway like, last week? That's some serious cuteness right there.

My, what a serious face! Rodin has nothing on Bridget.

Damn, you make ridiculously cute babies K.

so serious...love it!!


BTW, just started 123 Magic with my 2 hellions, er, boys. Love it!! Mom had them this morning so I could get an early start (I'm a single mom) and she told me they were angels. They did everything without her having to ask twice!

I love your blog and all your tips and tricks. And I love reading the comedy that is your life. It helps to know I'm not alone.

What a cutie-pie! I can't believe she's getting to be such a big girl.

Already? Such a cutie.

She really is beautiful. I got Mominatrix for Xmas and am starting it tomorrow! :) Also starting another shred with a group of girlies on Feb 1. I've got ThatKristen on my mind!!!
THREE MONTHS. Man time flies when it is your sleep deprivation we are talking about! :) Seriously, she makes me ALMOST want to go for four. Almost.


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