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December 23, 2010


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So what happened? Did he get called?

sure hope you're busy w xmas chaos and not flying solo at home. xo

So?! Did he have to fly Christmas Eve or day?

Did daddy get called?

The unknown would drive me bonkers. I hope you all get your day together.

My nephew is also a pilot, has been flying commercial and with the ANG for 12 years. Except when he was in AF training he always flew on Christmas - it was an unwritten rule that the single, childless and non-Christmas celebrating pilots signed up for Christmas. He was married in Sept but still childless, so he's working tomorrow.

It's been years since I have flown on Christmas, but if we ever do again, I am so going to look at my pilot in a new light and maybe even carry a little gift for her or him. I hope there are plenty of other people to call ahead of him these next two days.

Can't Santa see that daddy is flying and tell daddy he'll come to your house when daddy is home?

Aren't all those flyboys buddy-buddy like that?

My wish for you, is that they don't call him until Sunday.

I hope you guys get to have Christmas together. Either way though? I hope you have a good holiday...whenever you celebrate it.

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