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December 15, 2010


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We get the poop/butt double whammy: My almost-2-year-old loves to say "Hi poopie-butt Mommy!" and then she collapses into giggles. It's so cute, it's hard to scold her! (we also have a no-poop-talk rule at the dinner table)

One of my 17 m/o's first words was "Poop." It's his standard reply to "How's your diaper?" and "Want Mommy to rub your belly?" Also, when he's really pooping, he lets us know by squatting, grunting and softly piping up: "Poop."


After years teaching the little guys (2.5-5 yrs) I remember that well. There's another word that works just as well to crack them up. My husband used to teach preschoolers Sunday School at church. One day, I told him I could make his class laugh hysterically with just one word. He didn't believe me, so I came to the class, stuck my head in the door and said "Hey, guys?" When the class stopped and looked at me, I just said "Underwear."

The kids fell ABOUT the place. Literally. They laughed so hard they fell over.

And I walked away, leaving poor Hubby totally gobsmacked. Heh.

Holy crap (err, poop). I could have written this myself - every other word out of my 4 yo's mouth is poop. I actually spit my soda out laughing at "Broccoli! Toccoli! POOP!" That is like EVERY conversation he and I have.

I have the same problem here. And tonight I had to stop myself from ordering some pooping reindeer thingy for the boys stockings because I can only imagine what that would encourage

"Broccoli! Toccoli! POOP!"

*cue uncontrollable laughter by not-so-small person who should be much more dignified but still laughs at the word poop*

I would never eat dinner at your house I'm afraid. I've been fond of saying I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy. Sounds like I actually have the sense of humor of a 4 year old. awesome.

My kids and their step-dad have a complete infatuation with "poop" talking about it, doing it, the list goes on and on...I as a woman do not get this infatuation at all. I would much rather not discuss my poop (eewweee) but everyone else in our seems to think it is ridiculously entertaining!!!

Poop!!!!!!!! Haven't gotten to that age yet where it's used as a noun/verb. :)

Don't invite our family to dinner. We won't be having dessert.

Especially Nate.

You sure you don't live at my house?

I wonder how many times a week I say, "No potty talk at the table".

I also brought it up last night at the table in regard to my one year old and that he hadn't gone earlier in the day, and that when he finally did go it was huge.

I put myself in time out for that one.

Mine is fart. As in, if you say fart one more time, you loose dessert or TV tonight. (Because I only do dessert every other night.)

Poop, butt and fart humor is all the rage. If you can say the word and then burp at the same time, you are a comedian.

No clue when it ends.

My children love it as well. My three are 4, 3 and 18months and all the bodily function and private area words are, according to them, hysterical.

I've had to start enforcing a no "penis" jokes rule. My 3-yr old randomly shouts it out and often with totally unrelated words. As in, "Penis COW!" That's a favorite.

I have to admit, when we're just hanging out or driving somewhere and she completely randomly shouts PENIS COW I have a very hard time hiding the snort of laughter.

Boy Child is fond of saying, "Butty butt butt butt." anywhere and everywhere. And when he's angry, he says, "YOU! POOPIE MOMMA!"

We say to him, "I control my words. Poopoo talk isn't controlling your words."

To which he replies: "YOU! POOPIE MOMMA AND DADDY."

Ho hum.

LOL at least its only the poopy word, sometimes my 7 y/o old boy would just expel gas in the midst of dinner then grin and say "opps".

Love it!!

Last night I got a rowsing rendition of Jingle Bells - and somehow the word Poop got into that. It didn't even rhyme. I have two boys - 8 and 4. I don't know why they love the word Poop either.

Ah, poop. We love poop at our house, too. But we have a no potty talk at the table rule because of it. The dessert idea is a good one- I'll have to remember it!

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