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December 20, 2010


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Happy holidays, friend!

Happy holidays, busy lady!

Growing up we had an elf just like that. And it was just a decoration. No story except that it came from Grandmama for me and the reindeer was for my brother. I Hate that my little trinket has been turned into this. Mostly because I want the royalties.

I have made up far too many stories about why the effing elf didn't go back to the North Pole last night in the last two weeks, usually involving him not wanting to give Santa the bad news and wanting to give the kids another chance. And they totally fell for it!

Yeah, that stops working when they learn to tell time. Why do we teach them to tell time again?

Thank god for bloggers like you that tell the truth about the christmas rush

Six year olds know everything. Didn't you get the memo? Also, 7,8 and 9 year olds. My husband and I get treated like we know nothing by our now 9 year old, and it started when he was 5 or 6. It's highly annoying.

Kristin, you're my heroine. I love you and your blog because you keep it real! Keep it up!

Kristen you rock! That is the best video and you look amazing!!!!! Great job!

Ohhh you look great being 2 months post pardum!!!! Rock it!

Hang in there- it's almost over! (the holidays)

While my husband does actually make it home every day, he still works weird hours and I am responsible for taking care of 2 baby girls on my own... I never even managed to buy an elf for my shelf... And I'm tempted to just throw the christmas lights out onto the grass since my husband hasn't put them up on the house.

Kudos to you for getting so much done!

that elf on the shelf is just one more chore for us tired mothers isn't it? I can't believe we'll have to bring him out every year now.

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