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December 18, 2010


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she is beautiful

There it is! She belongs there.

It's in the EYEBROWS.

Baby Q.

OMG, she is adorable!

I love babies!!1

She's so precious! You do make such beautiful kids.

That second picture just *slays* me.

Hope tomorrow is easier than today!


She's so adorable! Next time I drive through Atlanta we should have a playdate with her and Meike ;-)

Two months has gone so fast!

What a beauty!!! Love her different expressions. :)

Wow, Kristen, she's gorgeous. Her cheeks are KILLING me. Congratulations on the beautiful family and thanks for sharing their stories and pictures with us.

Oh, she's so cute! You make cute kiddos. But NO MORE. ; )


She's so cute I can't express it in English.

has she smiled at you yet? I bet she has. She's just gorgeous.

How precious!


She's so smart and alert and just beautiful!


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