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November 10, 2010


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Love this post!! Also love the comment above about the perfume bottle - so precious.

Love this...just love it.

I will be using this.

Thanks Kristen!

What a great idea! And very touching. I will definitely keep this in mind.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Hope it works too.

you've amazing super powers of capturing those lil momma moments and sharing with all of us here.

beautiful post!

How sweet.

Very wise mothering. Thanks for reminding me of the moments that stick.

I smiled so hard reading this -beautiful moment for the both of you :)

I'm bookmarking this one!

Oh my, such a sweet story mama. I'm amazed you could come up with something that sweet and fabulous on very little sleep!

Perfect. Perfect post. Perfect mothering.

And I'm keeping this one in my back pocket.


So cute, thank you for sharing that, I really needed it today!

Love this! I'll bet Drew did, too.

Nice job, Mama!

What is it with boys? Michael was a really easy baby and was a difficult 3/4/5. In fact, I'm still waiting.

Fantastic! Brilliant idea.

Thank you for reminding me there is a sweet easy baby inside my uber-challenging toddler. I needed that!


u da mamma.

I wish I had read this before my horrible morning with my two year old! Great post *sniff*

Oh Kristen. Don't make me cry at work .. So sweet. You remember your parenting series of posts? You have succeeded.

My eyes are leaking....lovely post...

That is the sweetest story I've heard all week. You are a good mama :)

There's something in my eye.

Sniffle..... I love this.

Great post...sniff sniff...definitely made this momma tear up.

OMG, that is so sweet!! I love your blog!

Not pregnant, not hormonal, still very teary-eyed. What a sweet moment for the two of you.

I put one spray of my perfume in a small spray bottle then filled the rest of the bottle with water. I told my daughter that whenever she was scared and thought she needed me that she could spray the perfume and smell me and that would make everything better. It's worked for 5 years now. Sometimes I walk in her room in the mornings and can smell that she'd spray my perfume during the night. It makes me smile. :)

Makes this pregnant hormone surged mama teary-eyed this AM. Thanks.

Sometimes it is that simple :)

I also have one of those "easy baby challenging toddler/6 year old" ones :)

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