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November 19, 2010


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I'm a little late to this post, but did you know there are Star Wars cook books? And cookie cutters that you can use to shape sandwiches like Yoda and Vader? My son's older now, but we used these "Jedi Mind Tricks" regularly in the past. :-)

I wish you luck! If your kids are anything like me, you'll need it!

Ha ha, just sent this to my Mom and she replied "She sure is lucky she doesn't have picky eaters. I gave up on trying to get your brother to try new foods over a decade ago! At least I've managed to get you to try some new things. I almost cried when you tried stuffing for the 1st time this past Thanksgiving! It only took you 20 years!!!"


A wise one you are, oh Master.
And funny as hell!

May The Force be with you.

I hope this works when my kids are older. As it is, the only thing 3-year-old likes as of now are kitties and princesses. Cats are notoriously picky eaters, and I'm pretty sure all those princesses are borderline anorexic. Not the best of dinnertime role-models.

Please post a picture of you as Obi Wan.

Unfortunately, despite my son's obsession with Star Wars, your excellent stories to get yours to eat things won't work on him - he's too old. Dang it!

LOVE IT! Our forks have been making the sounds of light sabers for a few weeks now.

Ok, you know I've been following your tweets all week on this...love the full post finally. I followed your lead because my 4yo and 3yo boys are fully into SW right now - yes down to Yoda and Darth for Halloween. And this totally worked for me too! I was so incredibly exhausted with the "how many more bites" negotiating, and although I don't freak out about my kids eating - overall they do well, I am terrified of being trapped into a dessert every night no matter what. Broccoli incidently is how Yoda recharges his lightning powered fingers in Attack of the Clones. :)))))

I have one of those kids, a two year old girl. Everytime I want her to eat it's "Mission Time" and we become Animal Mechanicals.

You probably have no idea what I'm talking about since it's a Canadian kids TV show...but the premise is the same - we're on a mission to eat out food! So fun :)

You are amazing and must have the powers of the universe on your side to think of these things.

My book rec is "How to get your kids to eat, but not too much" I'm reading it now. Because my kid is two. It's fabulous, and freeing.

It is pointless to resist. But then, the threat of no dessert still works at our table. Kinda.

BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA "Yes, apparently desperation looks like a tall Asian dressed up as Alec Guiness."

LMAO girl. LMAO.

You need the best book ever: Coping with a picky eater. It's NOT just for picky eaters.

(I'm only suggesting it because my kid doesn't like Star Wars yet).

I almost ready to let Oliver see Star Wars if it means he will eat his vegetables.

@ Jamie - that's exactly what I ws thinking! "Show me how the piggies eat!"

Girl, you got the power. Keep these handy tips in mind when your fam in immersed in teen years. My mother told us if we wanted big boobs,eat the veggies. I ate and ate and ate. NOTHING. Little sisters ignored; STACKED. damn.

"A Christmas Story" Love it.

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