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November 07, 2010


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um-it's not Daylight Savings Time. It just ENDED. It starts in the spring and ENDS in the fall. Save your bitching for spring. Or bitch that it should STAY DST. But either way-get it straight people!

I grew up in Indy prior to their time change - I had no issues not changing the time. Like you mentioned, you just had to figure out what time your show was on. I now live in Colorado and having my kiddos get up at 5:45 this morning wasn't fun.

I was so excited for the extra hour of sleep. Did I mention I have a two month old?

Yeah, yesterday was the longest day EVER...

I would boycott it in a heart beat. I'm convinced it was thought up by little old men, who'd never had children.

Also? All the people who said on Twitter yesterday, oh this is so lovely and awesome, made me want to throw shoes at them. Especially the ones who just happen to have kids that are old enough to know not to wake them up.

Yes, I'm grouchy. And tired.

just fyi hawaii doesn't have it either :)

The irony is that most of Indiana didn't change because the farmers lobbied, with the reason being that the cows would get confused.

There is no changing of the time in Saskatchewan. Welcome!! :D

Yeah ... not happy that at 5:30 it was dark out. Not happy at all.

Liz in Michigan

ha! omg i just found your blog and i'm on the train sista!!! i don't wanna spend another hour with my kids, my god i'm with em 24/7 literally i homeschool and everything!! lets blow this fuker outta the water!!! :)

I'd like to take bets on what time my son will wake up Monday morning. My guess is 4:30. I'm going to be grumbling about DST all week.

It makes no sense. If you are far enough north it doesn't help except for a little while. For the rest of us it doesn't make a difference anyway. I'd rather leave the clocks alone and adjust my life to the sunlight I'd I need/want to.

Totally agree. Changing the clocks is absolutely asinine, not to mention a huge pain *in* the ass. My kids will have their internal clocks screwed up all week.

I was always taught that we switched the clocks to aid farmers... That the "spring ahead" thing suddenly made it stay lighter longer in the evenings, and so more farming could be done... Likewise in the fall when it was lighter in the mornings... Which, I guess, kind of makes sense...

Except that we're not just a farming nation anymore. And many farmers have access to things like, oh, electricity... which might help the whole lighting issue...

Some parents in my neighborhood have said they like the change in the fall b/c their kids are waiting for the bus in the dark, and it's nice for it to be lighter at 6:45 a.m. And that's lovely... except that, come December as the seasons shift, it will be JUST as dark at 6:45 as it is today, making the time change an effective light-bringer for only about 30 days. And in the summer, it will "magically" become lighter in the evenings ANYWAY because, you know, seasons and all...

So anyway. Time changes suck. And that inventor not only didn't have kids, but probably didn't have pets, either... My dogs get ALL jacked up thinking it's time to eat, but no. The clock doesn't say so. Sorry, Fido.

I like Daylight Savings time in the fall again. My kids are 12 and 14. I think I've liked it for a few years ... so it won't last forever?

Today, I liked Daylight Savings Time a little less, because isntead of giving me an "extra hour of sleep," it gave me an "extra hour of work." Which kinda sucked.

It's not Daylight Saving Time that's the problem. It's standard time and the change. We should stay on Daylight Saving Time indefinitely and forego the time change altogether.

This is the first time we've had to deal with Daylight Savings as we just moved from Arizona over the summer. Thank God I didn't live here when the kids were babies. By the way, in the 15 years that I lived in AZ, I only saw one scorpion

We have daylight savings time now....Thanks, Mitch Daniels!!

Trista From Indy

I live in Indy...and we started Daylight Savings Time a few years back ;)

Actually Jen, it was a man! Daylight savings was invented by George Vernon Hudson in the late 1800's.
Still sucks though...

Now I'm going to be obnoxious. Daylight savings time was implemented in the early 1800s for farming reasons. Arizona doesn't have it.
I think I'll move there.
Kendyl was up at 5:45, which is sleeping in when you think about it. Yesterday that would have been almost 7am.
No coffee yet=lame commenting

Yes, I was up at frickin' 5:30 am when my 3yo decided it was morning.

Can't win!

Thanks to Governor Mitch Daniels, Indiana now changes time with the rest of you. And it sucks.

I think Arizona is still anti-DST, though.

That person was not a teacher, either. The time changes twice a year really mess with the kids. I used to teach kindergarten and the first week or two after a time change was hellish.

I teach teenagers now, and I can't say that they're less affected. In fact, it may be worse...especially in the middle school girl population. Ye gods, the catfighting we have after the time changes in spring and fall. I am dreading going to work tomorrow.

I don't know one person who likes daylight savings time. WTF are we still doing it for? I know, bad grammar. Oh well.

And yeah, I grew up in Arizona where there was no time change. It was wonderful. Moving away was a shock. All of a sudden it's dark when it should be light, it's light when it should be dark, and my stupid car still changes the time on the OLD day so even though it auto changes itself I have to change it to compensate.


I spent the first 18 years of my life living on the 'time change line' and so our area never changed time. It sure was a shock to get used to when I moved away and started having to change time. And yes, now with a kid in the house it sucks ass. Farmers. I hope you make good use of the extra hour of sunlight in the morning.

Ha. I love how you assume whoever did daylight savings time is a "he". And I am with you... Why the heck do we change it at all? I have seriously considered becoming Amish since they do not believe in daylights savings time at all.

Cabin Fever in Vermont

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