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November 18, 2010


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HOW is she a month old already??? Congrats on your beautiful babe.

Don't worry, mine won't smile at me either!

beautiful. I can see your house is spotless how do you do it!

Definitely a cutie, smile or no smile :)

Oh goodness me - she is beautiful.

Kristen, she's a beauty! Well done!

Aww she's beautiful! Not a surprise though...

She does seem mighty interested in the camera though. That's a good sign too.

She does seem mighty interested in the camera though. That's a good sign too.

Meike sometimes starts laughing and I don't know if she's laughing for me or at me...

She is so cute! Just adorable.

She's a beauty!! Patrick smiles at me, when he farts. I can feel the love...

oh! She's gorgeous! So she's turning a month today? My baby boy (coincidentally - our forth child also) turns 1 (month) tomorrow, the 19! Just great! (oh, and my baby boy - doesn't smile at me either!)

But she's so cute!!!

So beautiful. And she will smile when you're not expecting it. And it will be even more beautiful than you imagine.

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