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October 29, 2010


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Totally crying. My baby is only 14 months old and I'm expecting Little Brother in a couple of weeks.

My little guy is leaving behind his babyhood so quietly, quickly, and gracefully that most days I don't notice it.

But I know I will as soon as I bring Little Brother home.

Gaaaaaah. *sniffle*

This makes me tear up so much. I have been having such a hard time with my younger one- she is nearly 21 months, and I keep saying to my husband, she just looks so big lately! They grow so fast, and the more they can do, the more they leave behind those baby days..

Oh, my heart.

My 'baby' turns 2 tomorrow. I've been on the verge of crying all day. Thanks for pushing me right over the edge.

Sure, make me cry. How'd they get so big??

That made me want to cry. You are such a beautiful mother and woman.

Sweet (sniff)! My 'baby' is four and a quarter (very important quarter as many of his classmates turn 5) and keeps asking for a brother. Fingers crossed I can finally comply and see how ginormous he will look next to it.

That brought tears to my eyes. Our little babies grow up so fast.

So beautiful! And, yes, the "baby" looks like such a big kid as soon as a newbie comes home. Amazing.

*sniff* My "baby" turning 3 this month has me feeling kind of weird, too.

My Goose will be 22 months next week... and hit the big number 2 in January... I can't believe she's growing so fast...

this was a beautiful post... and were I not at my desk at work, I'd most likely be bawling right now... as it is I'm just sniffling and trying to pretend I have something in my eye...

So beautiful. My daughter looked about 5x bigger when she walked into the hospital room after I had my son. And she hasn't stopped since.

*Sniff* I'm glad I didn't read this yesterday. I would have burst into tears. Uncontrollable tears. They will all ALWAYS be your babies.

I can relate to you so much on wanting to keep them little chubby lovelies. I know some women who can't wait for them to grow up-so not me. If only we could feel a bit better during that post pardum faze. Can you imagine how much fun it would be with a little baby minus the exhaustion and weird hormones it's really bad I still remember. I see it written all over the faces of the mother's carryng there tiny newborns in their car seats.

Damn it, I was good until that last line... I'm not crying, I am not crying! The huz and I are trying for #2, and I look at my daughter now, not just as my 'littlest love', but as a future big sister... *sniff*... not crying...

beautiful. thanks. my baby turned 11 yesterday and makes me smile to remember when...

This post made me tear up and smile at the same time. We have 2 and are working toward a 3rd and part of me is sad to see my baby transition to toddlerhood.

When I came home with the new one, I was shocked at the size of the a$$ on my almost 3yr old and insisted that potty training was going to happen.

Big-siblinghood ages a person, don't you know? :) I could not get over how huge my four year-olds hands looked when she came to see me and her baby sister in the hospital. That little one is a brand new two, and I'm slowly easing into thinking of her as something other than my baby. But I kind of liked having a baby around, so it will probably be a slow transition! Lovely post, btw! And a sweet photo!

My 'baby' girl (15mths) grew soooo BIG when her brother was born. I can still remember leaving my baby to go to hospital and have my son, and having a little girl come into visit. She also wouldn't have anything to do with me because Daddy had taken her home and put her to bed and when she woke up, Gran was there and Mummy and Daddy weren't. But Daddy came home and Mummy didn't.

It is still so clear 15.5 years later.....

*sniff* That was beautiful! You are a very lucky (and loving) mom!

Aw. I'm not a mom, but I just love the way you love your kids.

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