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October 25, 2010


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My first (and only so far) birth experience was fairly quick (3.5hours between water breaking & birth of daughter) and I was able to go med-free, which I hadn't PLANNED, but had HOPED to be able to do... and I'd like to do it again... however - the thought of doing it at home, without the help of modern gadgets in the event of an emergency - terrifies me.

So glad you're both doing well - she's absolutely gorgeous - and CONGRATULATIONS!

Congratulations Kristen! My baby did actually slide out in the car, as you put it. I didn't have the presence to tell my husband to turn around and instead yelled DRIVE DRIVE! at the top of my lungs. He sped down the road while I squatted on all fours in the back and caught my own son during the quick 1.5 mile drive to the hospital. Baby and I were fine, husband needed some nitrous oxide. I too wanted to labor at home for as long as possible and misjudged the end! I was lucky there were no complications and I enjoyed an amazing, empowering tribal euphoria afterwards...hope you did too!!

Hey! Babies aren't supposed to be that beautiful right in the beginning! What about the goofy, wrinkly little old man look? Did Bridget have an awkward phase of, like, 30 seconds?

Congrats again to you all.

OMG, Bridget is just beautiful. Beautiful! So glad you all are doing okay (and not losing too much sleep).

I tried for a med-free birth. Wow. Hats off to you and others who have done it. In my case, I asked for an epidural and then was glad about it when I had to have an emergency C to get my 10-plus pounder boy born! It was the opposite of the birth I envisioned..... and still the most wondrous, beautiful day of my life.

Your other kids slept through it? There is irony in that.

She's beautiful K. Absolutely beautiful.

So happy you and Bridget are doing well. What a birth story you have to tell her.

Amory, what's up with the weird comment about responding to babies' cries?

I loved this entire series of posts. You are awesome mama. And I'm glad your carpets survived (I actually DID plan my home births, and the carpets--and beds--were my biggest worry!)

Bridget is a beautiful name!

My 2nd was an unplanned home birth. The husband had woken the elder child, thinking we were dropping her off at my mom's.
The first EMT got through the door and leaned back out to tell the others "it's out". They cut the cord and transported us to the hospital.
The worst part of the whole ordeal (for me, since I didn't have to clean the couch or floor in the living room) was the drama of getting her birth certificate. It's very cool though- place of birth matches mother's residence and attending matches father.
Actually, no. The worst was elder child wouldn't go to sleep alone for 2 weeks because of the 'I scream then she screams, repeat' we did before her sister popped out.

Congratulations! I had a surprise home birth too, with my second - and I had always been completely against home births. Yeah, love that irony.

What a great story! Congratulations! She is beautiful :)

Beautiful baby! I'm glad she's here safely.

She is so beautiful. Stop making me want baby #4!!!!!

Wait a second...next thing you'll be telling us you're not the poster child for women happily married to anal-compulsive bathroom grout cleaners.

You have the most beautiful baby.

I haven't been a reader for very long but I thought I'd chime in. Your birth story reminds me of my own, because it was nothing I ever expected. I just gave birth to my third son two months ago. I planned home births for the first two and birthing center for the third. I ended up with a transfer to the hospital with my first, and 24 hours of back labor with my second. The third!? I went eleven days overdue, then had a 90 minute labor and barely made it into the hospital before he was born. I was in the wheelchair being whizzed around corners and scaring the little children in the ER. It was like a sitcom labor. What a ride! When it started I was convinced I was going to have an unplanned home birth, and if my husband and sister hadn't dragged me down my apartment stairs I definitely would have.
Congrats and many blessings!

I laughed at how your kids slept through the whole thing. Because, yeah! My kids slept through the Northridge earthquake, several hurricanes, and (not as funny) smoke alarms on several occasions. Mom having a baby in the next room? Pfft. Routine! :D

what an amazingly beautiful baby! congrats!!! i am planning a homebirth with my first baby, due in May...wish me luck!

Bridget is just beautiful! Congratulations, Kristen!

I planned a home birth--Hypnobirthing, a CPM, a doula, the works.

After days of back labor with painfully slow progress, I could have cared less where I gave birth. I remember wishing out loud for a c-section many times--up until that point, the thought of surgery terrified me. By day 3, even my midwife and doula were visibly relieved when I told them I wanted to go to the hospital.

That experience knocked me off my high horse. There's no "right" or "wrong" way to birth. It is what it is, and you make the best of it. Sounds like B's birth story will give your family plenty to laugh about down the road. Congratulations!!

It's all about the difference between planned and unplanned home birth. So glad everything worked out for you. She is adorable.

Your kids slept through that? WOW! That just means you are a great mommy and didn't wake and respond to their every cry when they were babies.

What a sweet, sweet baby you have there. :)

Congratulations! And cheers to a healthy momma and a healthy baby!!!!

There is certainly a big difference between a planned home birth and an emergency/accidental home birth.

Both of my home births were planned, and for the record, only involved one extra load of laundry:) The mess factor is a bit of a myth.

Oh, the picture of that snugga-bugga baby!

I was laughing yesterday, thinking about my sister's (planned) home birth with the bed be-chucked and me asking you if they had time to drape your bed at least and you scoffing and telling me that you gave birth with your Gap skirt hiked up over your belly.

No warm towel? Fresh from the dryer? lmfao.

You guys did great and I'm glad you're all okay.

Anyone who wants to see the counterpoint to your amazing story ought to read Her Bad Mother's post about Jasper's birth.

I have to admit, I did giggle through CJ's birth. My anesthesiologist was quite the jokester.

In the end? Healthy moms, healthy kids. Win!

The only pain-free birth I had was with the aid of an epidural. Heh. I would have preferred no meds but I'm a real Wimp when it comes to pain. On the really plus side, I didn't tear and I didn't need an episiotomy, so no stitches. Yay! And I ended up with a great (now five years old) baby to boot. Double yay!

You're very courageous to admit that the reality didn't exactly match up to your plan.

I am so fascinated by home birth but I'm not scared to admit that I am WAY too terrified to attempt it myself.

May raising her be as exciting and pain free as her birth was!! She's gorgeous!

It's amazing your kids slept through it. And good for your wallet too - the kind of therapy they'd need after accidentally walking in right as the baby was crowning would be EXPENSIVE yo.

She's incredibly beautiful. So many congrats, again.

She is beautiful! And even though you didn't plan it, it's still a great birth story.

My neighbor had an 11# baby at home with just a midwife. At one point, however, there was so much blood that her husband called an ambulance. Everyone was okay, and she didn't have to go to the hospital.

On laundry-basis only, I'm going to hospital. That, and with multiple kids at home, it's the only break you're gonna get. Go for the hospital not for the meds, but for the "call button." Juice with a straw on command. You always know where the remote is! When is that ever gonna happen at home?

I'm really glad (and kind of surprised) that your kids slept through everything. I love a crazy birth story, but only when it's the kind where everything turns out OK in the end.

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