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October 09, 2010


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Looks so petty and photographs is also awesome and she have photogenic face .

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl.

Kristen? Two is still a baby. Even when they say things like "mine no baby mama". They are still babies.

Aww..happy birthday to your little one.

Happy Birthday to your babeeee!

Another birthday! You have gorgeous kids.

Happy happy birthday you gorgeous thing you. Soon you're going to get the best present of all - a little sister to kick around. Then you'll really be a me and not a baby.

(Aw man...now my eyes are going.)

and she is a beautiful Me! how unfair it is that they have to grow up so fast. Happy birthday sweet girl!

I meant your pregnancy!!

I can't believe your baby is 2 already. Wow how time is just flying by. I hope you are feeling ok in this last while of you pregancy. I don't comment often but I always read. Best wishes.

Happy Birthday Margot! I can't believe she's two. Wow.

STOP WITH THE TIME PASSING. Please. Happy Birthday, Margot!

2 years! Craziness! Seems like yesterday, and yet so long ago at the same time! Happy Birthday to Margot!

I have six more days before "two" arrives and I am in the same place. I wish that I could put her into slow motion just to have a few more minutes with my baby. Though I would fast forward through bedtime, just because that marathon sucks the life out of me :)

oh, my. how did that happen??? happy birthday pretty gal.

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