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October 04, 2010


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I love the way these crowns remind me of Native American head dresses !
And Edgar ! his crown is perfect, and he's the prettiest Wild Thing I've ever seen !

I will be the first to admit that there have been times, I wallowed in self-pity, for no reason. Some small things go wrong, and funk down. You can probably see the negative energy they radiate.

@KMayer - LOL, your sleepover party sounded awesome until you described Footloose! Ha. After all these years, I've never thought of it like that. Oops.

My kid is NEVER going to a sleepover. Ever. Also? I think I'd be riddled with anxiety worrying about which parents would be upset with our movies/activities/food selections if we were to host a sleepover party at our place. I can't deal with that shit.

I went to a sleepover when I was in grade five where the stepdad kept storming into the bedroom because we were being too noisy and he had to wake up early in the morning for work. He told us that if his arm got chopped off at work because he was too tired it would be our fault (in between swearing of course as well--words I had never heard before) and then the girl (who's sleepover it was) took us into the bathroom to show us her Dad's "magazines".

GAH! My Mom was mortified as was I. She never let me go to someone's house whom she didn't know again. Frankly, I don't blame her!!!

I may choke on my laughter considering the sleepover party my 8 yr old daughter had this pass weekend. Let's see I never met the mother until I spoke to her on the phone and then face to face when I dropped off my kid at her house. Strike 1 for me. In my defense, I didn't get the creepy vibe from her. The mom took 14 girls to another classmate's party, that I didn't even know was going on, at what I assume was an expensive place (Bath Junkie). I needed people to tell me that this was not okay. *shrug* My daughter then told me that 3 girls were bit by one of the family's 3 dogs. It is okay because one of those girls was the birthday girl and my daughter was not bitten. Then they played some complicated game called Dead Marisa (sp?). Which involved, you guessed it, a dead girl Marisa that killed other girls for, what I get, not listening. It is not a huge deal, but a Tinkerbell movie would have been the least of my worries.

My sons went to a b-day party while in 1st grade, & on the way home they were telling me about the movie they watched---Scary Movie 3! WTF????? never to that house again

Wait, Dexter isn't appropriate kid programming? Oopsie.

Anyway, her apologizing for Tinkerbell is ridiculous. I'd have trouble not laughing in her face (cuze I'd assume she was kidding).

I came from the old school world where excessive tv watching, candy, and junk food followed by preteen squealing at supersonice levels was pretty much required at sleepovers. Kids these days...

What's wrong with a vat of icing again?

I had #3's 11th birthday sleepover and neglected to ask the newbies if henna was okay. It was tradition with things 1&2, kids expect henna at our house during sleepovers. So we tattooed all their feet and hands, and then watched Footloose, cuz all that dancing and KEVIN BACON -- how great is that? Oh yeah, except for the F bomb thrown out ever 3rd word and when domestic violence and freaky religion dude. Oh well, smaller sleepover next year i presume. The parents won't make eye contact at school any longer. I take it as good screener for potential friends. They didn't make the cut.

At least it was rated G. I would definitely expect an apology for showing PG without my permission. This mom sounds like she rocks -- you go SUPERMOM!

Ha. The evil television. Nice. Um, yeah, I'd bet I own that movie. You know some mom got all huffy about it though.

I like the Dexter one.

Can you believe the nerve of that mother showing a movie at a sleepover??? I thought that's what sleepovers were all about. Movies and excessive amounts of candy. But maybe that's just me.

My dh is currently trying to get our kids to fetch him beers but they are too small to get the fridge open at this point. I know it's not the best thing for their growing brains but my kids faithfully watch dora, blues clues, and diego. They need some down time don't they?

Apologize for Tinker Bell? She is an obsession with my 3 year old.

As for #2- the barmaid costume would be a problem, but what's wrong with serving drinks to the Mommy & Daddy? Teach 'em young, I say.

I kid, people, I kid.

Snorted coffee up my nose when I got to the one about Dexter. Niiice.

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