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October 14, 2010


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Wonderful and excited posts,hope to be better and greater.You could creat more post there to us.come on!

Heard the news - congratulations on your new baby!

Just read the news of "Baby Girl Uncensored" at Mom101- congratulations! You didn't need that midwife after all, did you?! Bet the fireman was cuter than her anyway- and Kelly would make for a pretty good name!

I hear congrats are an order. Congrats! Your baby girl is BEAUTIFUL!!
-Sahsha's Mummy

I would like to be doing that as well.

I was chipper and mobile up until about 12 hours before I went into labor. NOT a reliable sign!

I would be on a plane to Florida to bring that woman right back here to Atlanta!

Awwww Kristin. I don't even want to say look on the bright side, because that would make you wanna punch me in the face. I guess it give you "incentive" of something good to come if you are a few days later, waiting a few days longer, and if baby four does come, you can practically deliver her yourself! :) You'll be okay without her, your body knows what to do...

Thinking of you and wishing you the best! :)

Good thing you can still hang onto an iPad and tell us what's progressing (or not!) from your reclined position. Especially since you won't be busy parenting or having sex.

Hang in there! I hope that baby decides to come within HOURS of your midwife returning to the state. :-)

That is one stubborn baby. I pray that things will work out just the way you

now when i said plan something i meant YOU not the frickin' midwife!
hang in there Kristen.

Um @kMayer, you do realize this is her 4th child, right?

Hey Kristen? Remember yesterday when someone said, plan something that you must do and the baby will come....

I'll cross my fingers for you that she comes today, or waits till Sunday.

Once that baby's ready to come out, you're not going to give a shit who catches it. Doc, midwife, hsb, pizza delivery dude. It will come out, promise you that! Want in a little secret? I'm a teeny tiny bit jealous. I liked being in labor -- hated pregnancy, but juice with a straw and a day in the hospital with someone answering your every request? Loved that.

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