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October 21, 2010


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I love reading birth stories, thank you for sharing. With my last child I was having Braxton Hicks but they were close together and pretty painful. I was like you I didn't want to wait until the last minute and have the baby at home. So I went for two false labor runs and made it to my due date only to find out my baby was breech.

You. Are. Awesome.

LOVE the name. Congrats lady!

Wow, what a story. Congrats!

wow, congrats! so glad everyone turned out healthy and safe :-)

Congratulations! I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first so after reading this story I'll probably be at the ER 2-3 times before going into labor! Ha!

Congrats Kristen! She is beautiful! My hubby is a paramedic and i am just waiting for the day he has to deliver a baby :) So glad i found this so i can keep up with you!!!!

That has got to be one of the best birth stories I've heard in quite a long time, although the story of my midwife's water breaking in the middle of Disney World does take a close 2nd place! Bridget is just gorgeous! From one of your former students :)

And people think c-sections are scary. Sheesh.

Congratulations! As if I could possibly admire you any more than I already do...

That was phenomenal. I want to see you tell the story on Oprah. Congratulations, and welcome, Bridget!

You are effin' amazing! I heart you, big time. I was seriously stalking this here blog and your tweets waiting for the "she's here!" announcemnent. I need a life. lol.

Seriously though, congrats!

And, Bridget is a wonderful name. Works so well with the other three. :)

You are amazing! Absofreakinlutely amazing!!! And? I love how you set the bar so high for all of the pregnant women bloggers reading your blog. See bloggers? THIS is how it's done when you are a good blogger and know your readers want a GOOD story! (Kidding! For real! I can joke since I am in no danger of ever getting pregnant again.)

Seriously, I admire you, Kristen, to the depths of my souls. Congratulations!

Best birth story ever! Lesson to firemen and medics - when a woman about to have her *fourth* baby says the baby is coming, she means business!

P.S. Love the four fingers pic, too cute!

So happy for you luv! And of course, what a crazy frikkin' story!

congratulations, Kristen! she's a beauty, with a beautiful name.

Great story! My daughter was just born at home after an "OMG It's not a kidney stone" moment 5 weeks ago. Fortunately we have an EMT who lives nearby scoot down here real quick because she didn't wait for the ambulance to arrive.

No good looking EMT's for me either, embarrassingly enough one of them was my uncles best friend. Yup, uncles BFF has seen my nether regions after I was past the age of diapers...I may never be able to look at him again. In a round about way my daughter is named after him, his name is Gary her middle name is Grace.

And Jen, thank you for that link with the stork pins! I've been racking my brain for 5 weeks now what to get the crew and now I know!

WOW. Laugh. WOW. Laugh. WOW!!! That was me, reading this. Oh my gosh. THANK GOD our bodies know what to do, huh? You are a superstar, amazing story...no one is gonna one up you in the birthing story department! :)

Beautiful girl with a beautiful name!

Amazing! You! Are! Amazing!

Congrats, Kristen!

Best birth story ever (CONGRATULATIONS!!!!)

Best birth story ever (CONGRATULTIONS!!!!)

What a story! You rock. Congratulations again - she's beautiful.

Delivering on the side of the road was my biggest fear when I was pregnant with my second child. My OB tried to reassure me by saying only one of his patients in all his years hadn't made it to the hospital - and she delivered in her garage. I think I'd prefer the guest bed.

Love this story!

LOL, That sounds like mine, except I was planning a homebirth and everyone was rushing to get to me. My son had been a back birth too and I was just expecting it to hurt more, it never did, and then there was the baby.

Awesome story! Seriously? We don't see a baby? I think you should have a few more since that delivery was so easy. (ducking)

"Unnerving" is the word that immediately comes to mind.
Aren't you glad Mr Uncensored is so meticulous now?

I knew that the anticipation, the set up and drama would be a riot of the hilarious…just remember in your best-selling book and the-made-for-television-movie you can have a blast in the direction of the casting of the male and female firefighting EMT’s. Love the name Bridget; she sure picked a fun and lively family to join! Congratulations!!!

Wow, that is a wonderful birth story! Hooray for no back labor! So glad you and the baby are doing well.

Brilliant. Way to go!

Gorgeous girl, beautiful name, and the best birth story ever. You are a rockstar, Kristin.

I'm grinning like an idiot reading this. Partly because I've had back labor and you nailed it, but also because DUDE. Best birth story EVER.

I LOVE her name. Love, love, love, love.

And I love the story, you, your adorable family and even those firefighters. Yay for great birth stories!

Um, WOW! You're such a freakin' rockstar! So glad you're all ok. Congratulations!

Winks & Smiles,



That read like something you would see on TV... except with hot firemen. Probably with Eddie Cibrian.

Again, Congrats!

Congrats on the beautiful Bridget and FABULOUS birth story.

And having been a firefighter and trained to be an EMT I confirm no one wants that call (scary!) and they both deserve stork pins.

As an EMT, nursing student, and having a husband is who's a firefighter paramedic I must say your 'home birth' seemed textbook perfect. And those are the calls we absolutely dread, whether you're a woman or not. No one in an ambulance or fire truck wants to be on the catching end of that pitch. Its so nerve wracking and knee trembling! Make sure those two firemen get their stork pins. Here's an example!


And of course, congratulations!! :)

Jen at Cabin Fever in Vermont

Awesome story! A baby who comes in the world with such excitement is bound to do great things.

Note to self: should I move to Hotlanta, check the local fire stations before buying a house.

(I mean, srsly, I currently live just down the street from the fire station, and I'm happy to report that the majority of my neighborhood's finest definitely ARE, in every sense of the word, fiiiiine.)

Dude, I live in Atlanta, too and I am also shocked at the lack of hot firemen. What the hell? When I call 911, I expect to be saved by someone with big arms and a five o'clock shadow. No wonder I never get offered those firemen calendars you hear so much about.

But! I loooove this story. I just started reading your blog and stalking your archives about a week ago, but am a total fan. Congratulations on your family addition! Can't wait to hear more stories.

Now that is a birth story! Congrats!

Wow, what a story! I'm really glad for you that it wasn't a long, agonizing labor. And of course, I'm glad that all are healthy. :)

Congratulations! What a great story! I am one day past my due date and your story has me thoroughly entertained...

That's a great story! You are awesome! And thank goodness you at least knew what was going on.

BTW, my favorite line from your entire birth story was the tweet: "Midwife on phone. EMTs kept saying that they didn't see anything so I just pushed baby out. Do you see it now!?" OMG, so HYSTERICAL! Way to keep your sense of humor!

Wow, what a story! Congratulations!

Wow go Kristen, you win.My husband wouldve have melted into a heap on the floor.Im glad everbody is happy and healthy and home.

haha awesome. just awesome

I saw the tweets but I love the whole story. Yay, you guys!

Fantastic story! And I love the name!

The sepsis test part cracks me up, since two out of my three were born at home (but on purpose), one in my bed, and one in my bathtub.

Congrats! Great story. I planned my home birth, but whenever I tell people I delivered at home their first question is always "Was that on purpose?" Never a dull moment in your house :) And Bridget is a great name!

Congratulations!!!! Now get some sleep! :)

Un-freaking-believable. You'll be able to re-live that story FOREVER.

Congrats again, so glad both of you are healthy and well. Little baby smooches to Bridget.

Nice a homebirth, I had one of those last month but it was planned that way! Congrats!


Congratulations! What an exciting day.

Welcome Bridget! And thanks for scaring the crap out of me, as I'm due with #4 in 4 months, and we live farther from the hospital than we ever have before!

So excited for you, and so glad it all was ok. My friend had her baby on accident at home and she still runs into the firemen that showed up LOL. I had my baby at home, but alas, no firemen. :)


Wow! I'm glad everyone's ok.

I worry about having an unplanned homebirth. I go fast, too (last labor was one hour, nine minutes, and I'm 30 weeks pregnant with #3). It's nice to hear that it can happen, and everyone can be fine, and you end up with a great story.

Congratulations! I look forward to the carpet and guest room renovation posts...

Welcome to our world Bridget! I can't wait to see how you're going to top the next birth story :) hee


Oh. My. God.

Congratulations. Bridget wins best birth story, hands down.

Yay for you and your 'finest in the eye of the beholder' vagina!

Wow! I had heard that the more kids you have the easier labor and delivery can be but that is just amazing. Scary yes, but at least you were not in a long back labor this time. I am very happy for you and so glad that every one is ok. Congratulations!

Love this! Congratulations.

Hooray! So glad she's finally here. (And what an entrace.) Way to go, mama.

Wow. Just wow.

Welcome Bridget! What a birth story. Congratulations! Her name is beautiful. No...really.....I mean it ......I named my second daughter Bridget, that's how much I like it. She flew out too which is more than I can say for her elder sister and younger brother. What a lovely new family!

OMG!!!!!!!!! What a story!!! And you were tweeting??? OMG again!
Congrats on the birth of your sweet little Bridget (love the name) and congrats on not ruining the bed and carpet, too! Ha!

Congratulations! That's definitely a crazy birth story. I bet your husband had that room so clean after the delivery.

Congratulations! What a great story. I always wanted a home birth and very nearly had one with my second - wish I had waited a few minutes longer! :) xo

What a great story glad it all went well for you and your new little bundle !

HOLY CRAP!! You don't do anything small do you???? Congrats and she is beautiful!

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