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September 20, 2010


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Cacique hipsters, baby. There is nothing more comfortable in this world than a big ol' t-shirt and some hipsters.

Wearing my period panties. Love my Hanes Granny panties when I'm all bloated.

not wearing any! i'm in bed!! LOL!!

Super cute! Right now I'm wearing old navy. Could definitely use some new undies!

Pink briefs from VS.

these all are so cute. i'm torn between the cheery and the fig leaf. i'm wearing VS lacy black boy shorts

Purple panites from Target.

Target panties! Way better than my cozy big white undies.

Right this second I am not wearing any (in my pj's) but during normal business hours, I wear VS Cotton bikini's but I recently picked up a pair at Gap I like.

I am wearing some ratty yellow striped Fruit of the Looms. ROWR!

The mustache made me laugh! I'm wearing Old Navy now but could definitely new some new ones...

Imagine, I'm wearing huge ass (literally) Target brand underwear. At this point there is absolutely nothing sexy about me...

Victoria Secret, but they are old and not so cute.

Target, does anywhere else sell underwear?

Very stretched out and tired looking Victoria Secret's!

Hanes purple elephant underwear - so rocking the full bottom panties as I'm turning 30 weeks pregnant this week! :)

I'm wearing Hanes undies. From the girl's section. Cause who can beat 10 pairs of undies for 5 bucks when you're on a budget? (And I'm by no means skinny..so please don't throw fruit at my head!...bonus from being so short? Heh.)

Also, those undies do rock and if I can figure out how to use my sewing machine without sewing myself to it, I one day aspire to make my own rawkin mustache panties. :D

I'm wearing some old Old Navy undies. They are stretched, they are faded. Mama needs some new underpants.

jockey cotton. lame-o.

I actually had to look at what underpants I'm wearing because I definitely couldn't remember. We've got some old school turquoise Gap underwear with a diagonal plaid design going on.

i am wearing run of the mill fruit-of-the-loom cheapos from target. who says you can't be sexy on a budget!

LOVE the mustache ones! ;)

I just had a bush wax and can't stand anything touching "that area" (kind of defeats the purpose *sigh*). no panties for me right now. nor pants.

hope ups doesn't show up unexpectedly.

I am wearing: I just had baby #2 panties probably from target but way too old to recognize a brand. They are big, cottony and equipped with extra sexy, extra large sanitary napkins (because seriously just had a baby 1 week ago)!

The panties i am currently wearing are so old and tatty that i can't read the label, or remember the brand. This mama does need some new panties! :)

Gilly Hicks, found them at TJ Maxx, and LOVE them! Softest and most comfortable, not to mention cute! I search for them every time I go!

that is the underwear, to wash then dig out...haha.

Hanes! And sometimes none, esp. if I'm exercising, ha ha... My VS pre-pregnancy is sadly waiting for me in the drawer... :-(

I never, ever wear underwear....that is unless Im wearing a mini skirt. Its just one more thing to wash and then have to dig out of my butt.

I am wearing so oh so sexy Hanes today and I am not to proud to admit to this.

Very old Target undies. BORING! I just started sewing again...Love it, but I've got a lot to learn!

These are too cute! I just picked up a couple more of my $4-target-last-a-few-months-and-then-you-have-to-buy-more pairs i love so. i think planned obsolescence is a good thing when it comes to undies :) would love these!

4 year old Victoria's Secret underwear. I'm 5 months post-partum, and have had to throw out some of my favorite paris because they don't fit me like they used to...I'm a bit lumpier than I used to be!

uh... brand? is walmart cheapie a brand? then that's what I'm wearing! LOL. I was wearing a cutesy thong from JCPenney's, but we were going to the park (plus I had them on inside out!) so I had to change really quickly. pushing swings is a HUGE wedgie maker!


I am loving Gap Body's vintage-looking panties lately, with cute tiny polka dots and stripes. That's what I am wearing!


Victoria's Secret "Sexy Little Things" in a pink and brown leopard print. I'm in my early thirties, divorced with a 5 and 7 year old (since others were posting their stats I thought I should as well). The applique panties are cute, but not really my style.

I'm always wearing Hanes Hipsters. Not very sexy, but super comfortable!

Hanky Panky... woo! (Expensive, but so comfy, even when hugely pregnant)

I'm a Jockey girl! No-seam cotton briefs with an oh-so-stylish bamboo leaf pattern.

really old victoria secret. My dh would have a field day with the mustache undies. He talked me into shaving it all off a few years ago but now wants a landingstrip for variety. What a tard.

I'm wearing my Lane Bryant big girl panties! Cotton, pretty plain, but they match my bra.

Victoria's Secret. No, not sexy ones, just comfy cotton. My hubby hates how 8 years of marriage and 2 kids leads to comfy, not sexy, underwear! Lol! :)

I wear Gap undies now they are really comfy:-) But no applique on them:-( Never thought of it before.


Motherhood maternity no seam one size fits all. And I'm nine months postpartum from my third child. And after you inspiring me to do the shred I don't really need maternity underpants. But I like them and wear them, almost every day. I probably won't buy more or anything once these wear out but in the meantime, I'm getting my full use out of them. Haha. What a question. What an answer.

Motherhood Maternity low rise. And I'd wear them even if I weren't pregnant.

Too cute! I'm wearing it.se.bit.se underwear :)

I'm wearing something that was on sale at Kohl's and I already too the tags out of - so I really need these!

I'm wearing a Target thong and a pair of Spanx, because I just had a baby and can't fit my pants without Spanx (lost the weight but not the lumpiness). And I can't wear Spanx without underwear because I only have a couple pair. Oi!

Plain white Hanes b/c I'm 37.5w pregnant and I'm huge. Comfort is my only concern right now.

I honestly have none on because I just got done working out and I hate how sweaty they get when I work out. So...I am underwearless.

really old Victoria's Secret.

I would love to say that I'm wearing something fancy like La Perla, but the truth is that the label in these is so worn that I can't really read it anymore. I think they were from Target, but just can't be sure. Maybe that's a sign that these need to be tossed in the trash!

Target cotton thongs. Comfy without being to Granny-ish.

These are adorable!!! I'm wearing VS Cheekies!

Ooh my bits would be so happy to have these undies! Currently I'm wearing cheapy ones from Target. I wear scrubs to work and can't see wasting the cute ones under scrubs. Weird? Why yes. Yes I am. :)

Those are too fun! I never thought about appliqueing on underwear. Perhaps, I'll start by making some non-branded ones for my little guy.

PS- I'm wearing Target undies. Yep, that's about as fancy as I get anymore.


My underwear drawer is in a sad sad state of affairs. Currently wearing 'barely there' undies - my favorite brand for bras - not so much for underwear... So i used to be teeny tiny, then I gained 60lbs when I was pregnant, then I lost all os it (!) and was even tinier before because I no longer had time to eat, and now I've gained again quite a bit (mid-thirties, this time - not pregnancy). Anyways, with all this up & down - I have NOT a single pair of fitting, comfy, not hideous underwear! This would be fab :) (And better than dragging my sorry ass to VS - store of the devil!)

Victoria Secret Pink. Nothing fancy while the hubs is on a trip.

I'm wearing really cheap ones right now. Might as well not be wearing any.

Target undies for me they have the best thongs!

You must be discriminating against Canadians due to our fabulous beavers not needing any decorative underwear. Ya that's it.

Those undies rock.

Now I'm going to have to drag out the ole sewing machine.

Currently, because I'm wearing a skirt, they're Old Navy. But yesterday I wasn't wearing any.

Right now, I'm wearing Victoria Secret underwear, my usual.

Victoria's Secret cotton bikinis.

Victoria's Secret cotton bikinis (nothing glamorous). I think I've had them since before my child was born and I won't tell you how old she is! :)

Tragic saggy jockey undies

Wacoal, I think. It was dark when I got dressed.

Right now I'm wearing Old Navy. I love these, they are so cute, especially the mustache ones!

AAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAA I love the mustache ones. So much.

Right now my undies are from Aerie. You're welcome

Well..I'm almost not wearing any but I have a good reason! I'm wearing a Nike running outfit with built-ins.

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