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September 03, 2010


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I think Waverly is a nice name. Gwen Waverly?

For some reason the comments over there won't let me hit publish.

I'm thinking Gwen and Quinlan are just too similar. Althought i like both gwen and audrey both are very pretty names. Audrey fits in well with your kids names. Audrey Meredith maybe?

My daughter is named Sara Elizabeth, after my mom, my grandma and my great grandma. My mother, in her infinite wisdom, did not name me Sara Elizabeth. Go figure. We call my daughter Sara Beth (this is the south, after all), although many of her friends call her Sara.

I know a beautiful woman named Audrey Ruth. I just love the name Ruth. My mom's middle name was also Ruth.
I also like Audrey Kate.
So excited to find out what you finally pick :)

Personally, I don't see the harm in naming Baby Four, "Baby Four."
Just sayin'...

If we have a second, I'm not rooting for a girl, but I do have a girl name picked out: Sophia Lenore. Sophia for my Great-Grandma. (Though it was Sophie, but at the time I picked it she was still alive and that whole bad luck for using names of the living thing..so..Sophia) and Lenore for my Grandma (Mom's mom).

My beautiful great-niece is Audrey June one-syllable-last-name. The June is for her great-grandmother.

My boys names are Dylan and Bryce. Can be used for a girl too. Go ahead and use them if you get stuck. LOL

I love both Gwen and Audrey. Some suggestions:

Gwen Alice -- my friend's daughter is named Gwendolyn Alice. I love Alice. It's so feminine, it makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. Just imagine how the world will look to the youngest of four -- Eat Me and Drink Me and cheshire cats everywhere!

Gwen Anne -- Anne of Green Gables is a favorite of mine.

Gwen Katharine -- I love the name Katharine and all its spellings, but this one reminds me of Hepburn. I saw you at BlogHer, and I can kind of see you digging Katharine Hepburn.

Gwen Lily -- It just sounds pretty.

I like Audrey too, and I don't think you should let the mom thing bother you. It's a really pretty, regal, but still accessible name. But I don't think I would name her Audrey Gwen and call her Gwen. I actually don't hate Gwen Audrey though!

I have the last name T, one syllable, too. It really limits you more than you expect!

Thanks so much for the insight on homeschooling. Can you share a little more or point me to another site that discusses logistics? I have identical twin girls who are ready for school right now but have to wait another year to start Kindergarten because of their birthday. In looking at all these Kindergarten programs, my big fear is that there will be a point where they will not be challenged by school. I have never considered homeschooling just because I feel like they listen so much better to teachers in a school setting than they do to me when it comes to completing tasks. But I would love to learn more about curriculum and creating experiential learning opportunities. We live in San Francisco. Thanks for your blog!

Just read the Alphamom's 5 thing - it was great and informative, thanks for sharing.

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