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August 14, 2010


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As someone who goes by her middle name, I'd say don't do it. It just becomes a pain in the ass during any sort of school or organized activity. I personally felt pretty strongly about NOT being called by my first name and hating having to repeatedly correct teachers and what not. By the time I got to college I cared less or I just got tired of correcting. I totally should have just dropped my first name when I got married and just had a name and a surname. Oh well, live an learn.

I'm a little late commenting so I will keep it short.

Gwen Isabella

I like using your mother's name, I am expecting and wanted to include my mother's name but feel obligated to use his mother's as well. Curious to see what you choose.

Good luck!

I'm not reading the other comments because I'm lazy and have strong opinions about names anyway. Being from the DEEP South, and all. One simply MUST have a family name. There are no new names, only grand old names passed down from generation to generation.

Until I married a Polish Yankee, wherein using ANY surname as a middle name was right the hell out of the question. And until my brother had five kids before me and took all the good names.

Now? I have a son named Colin. Because I liked it. Granted, his middle name is Henry which is my grandfather, father, brother, AND grandfather-in-law's middle name, so I think that more than makes up for it.

That was a totally unhelpful and hijacking comment. I will add, to be relevant, and because it is true, that I adore the name Gwen and all of it's longer variants. It's beautiful.

I'd say do something more common like Elizabeth or Michelle as a middle name. I have an issue with anyone being named after anyone else in the family, bcuz I strongly feel that everyone should get their own identity... I really don't like "juniors" or Harold Smith the IV or whatever...

I haven't read through the fifty-odd comments here already, so my apologies if this is a repeat of what someone else said.

To me the order of names is inconsequencial beyond ensuring a smooth and pleasing 'flow' of sounds, and that the initials don't spell out anything torment-worthy. I know many people who are called by their middle names instead of their first, no biggie. Nobody even bats an eyelash. If you wanted to give her six middle names and a hyphenated last name by only use the fourth middle name and one of the two last names in everyday usage, that's your perogative. At least, here it is. My son has two middle names and a hyphenated last name, but I only use one middle and one last name. Except his passport and other formal government stuff, where they didn't care about middle, only last names.

Speaking of multiple middle names, in my family middle names are used to honour relatives. I have two, and have never done the classic "I hate my middle name" thing, because I know where they come from and why my parents chose them. So I'd say go for it. If your MIL chooses to get in a snit about it ... oh well. She'd get in a snit about something anyways from the sounds of things, so might as well hand it to her on a silver platter. That way, no surprises for you! Ta-dah!

I think Gwen is adorable!

And I'm with you on the stupid spellings. angryfists.

We loved Elizabeth for a middle name with our daughter, but like a previous commenter said, it's a super-common middle name. We found the spelling Alyzabeth, and fell in love with that. I would NEVER do it for a first name, because they'd always have to spell it, but for a middle name, I love it.

No issues at all with the middle name game. My dad and my brother both are referred to by their middle name.
With all 3 of my kids we had no names picked out until after their birth - we also didn't know the gender so it was quite a mission to come up with something!
I like Gwen. How about Corrine for a middle name - Not pronounced like Corein but Curin!

Oooo... I heart the idea of considering Gwenyth. Really opens up the middle name options. : )

Naming a child after one grandparent is perfectly fine in my book. Then again, that is how my daughter came to be called by her middle name. :op

Two reasons, we wanted her named after my grandmother, but Tatum Myra did not flow as well as Myra Tatum, and it's hard to call a newborn Myra when the only other Myra you've known is old. It doesn't seem to be difficult for my daughter. She is 7 and knows her name is Myra, even writes her full name on school papers but goes by Tatum. Sometimes I wish we wouldn't have cared about the "flow" issue and just named her Tatum Myra. Whatev. I'm sure she'll have some other reason to be annoyed with us as an adult.

As for Gwen, I like it. It can be hard to come up with a middle name for a one syllable first name though. I have a Tess Caroline, and definitely think a two or three syllable middle name flows better. Something traditional like Elisabeth or Caroline ;o) would work well with Gwen.

Personally, I'm in the "name them what you call them" camp...but that's just me. I've known too many people get way too confused when it's not the case.

For our daughter, we picked a name that couldn't be shortened and was one syllable, so I totally understand choosing a name like Gwen!

I really wanted to use Elizabeth as Claire's middle name, but my husband didn't like it. (It's my middle name and a "family name" of sorts.) To appease him, we picked a shorter derivative of it, and I love it.

In school, because there is more than one Claire, she goes by her first and middle name together. It flows nicely.

All of this being said, I'd pick a middle name that has 2 syllables for Gwen's middle name, too!

Oh, and if you love the name, use it! You can always name your next kid after the MIL. ha! ;)

I like Gwen Michelle

Naming this baby after your Mom is a way to HONOR YOUR MOTHER... not a way to DISHONOR your mother-in-law. If you don't name your daughter what you REALLY want to name her, your mother in law is taking one more thing from you. And, I don't know the woman, but I would bet she didn't choose to name any of her kids after HER mother-in-law.

I have two boys and I will not be at all surprised if they eventually choose to name their daughters after one of their mothers-in-law. And, I imagine when Drew has his first baby, you won't be pissed when he doesn't name her Kristen.

Just a few new perspectives for the conversation.

I have gone by my middle name for 15 years. It's not that much of a hassle. At the Dr.'s office or bank I don't correct them. Sometimes it's confusing to me though. Did I register the cats at the vet's office under Jennifer or Rayne? Or I get a call for a job interview and answer the phone, this is Rayne, then they ask for Jennifer and I say "this is she." I wanted to completely drop my first name when I got married, but sometimes it's handy to have a name everyone can spell.

Once in college I got an F on my report card from a professor who didn't realize I used my middle name, but that was easily fixed with a phone call.

1) Using a middle name as a nickname is definitely a good way to get around "flow" issues with the whole name, or a way to name a child more symbolically (since the middle name is the practical name.)

2) LOVE the name Gwen! Definitely a 2 or 3 syllable middle name needed for flow. Gwen Brigette, Gwen Aurora, Gwen Susanna...

3) Go ahead, name her Mom's name. (Would MIL's name work as a middle name? Eh, forget it!)

My first name is Cheri (like the drink not the fruit), my middle name is Amanda and my whole family calls me Mandy. I've gone by Amanda since I was in high school and actually thought once I got married I could just let Cheri go but that's not really how it works. I would have to legally change my name to Amanda which would most likely hurt my mom's feelings. So I'm stuck signing Cheri Amanda on every legal document. I really loathe it . . . just saying.

p.s. I was named after my mom's best friend at the time who she lost contact with for 30 years and just recently found again over Facebook. I've never met this person.

ok, my 2 cents: my parents called me from day Lisa when my legal name is Melissa. If lisa was a known nickname for Melissa, no big, but it's not. I have to sign Melissa on legal things etc. - it gets old, annoying and confusing for people. I've thought about legally changing it, but haven't pulled the trigger on that. Save her a lifetime of annoyance and name her what she'll go by.

We went to the hospital to have Boy Child with one name, and he came out with a completely different name. When he was born, we got him all cleaned up and swaddled and in my arms, I looked at SubHub and said, "Um, that's not his name." And SubHub said, "You're right. Now what?"

We polled every visitor that came, and finally came up with something that suits him perfectly.

As for naming after grandma - Girl Child's first name is my maiden name. We didn't care what anyone thought about that.

Gwen. How about Gwenyth? And, if you want to go a little funky with the middle name, Elspeth is Scottish for Elizabeth.

Or Gwen Katherine.



My daughter's name is fully family names re-mixed - all on my side. I'm thinking "someone" is thinking baby 2 will be the same mix for my husband's side. Wake up call will not be pretty (most likely ONLY in my head) but it is what it is. Listen, it's not anyone's fault my grandfather's name - Alfred has a variation of Avery (daughter's middle name). It's beautiful. It's not like we would have named HER Lilliana Alfred. It just worked out this way.

Middle name - I LOVE Louella but I'm not down w/ Lilli and Louella too many La las. Gwen Louella? I also love the longer 2-3 syllable middle name with a shorter first. That said - what about your maiden name as her middle name?

I love the name game / and don't understand people who make their feelings known about names. People actually said things after we announced Lilli's name - I mean, seriously people - keep it to yourself. Are you suggesting going back and changing her birth certificate? `

so, my son Josh...well, his actual name on his birth certificate is Aaron Joshua. He was SUPPOSED to be Joshua Aaron and then at the very last minute MY HUSBAND decided that he didn't want his initials to be JAM, so he wrote aaron joshua on the birth certificate. I was REALLY annoyed, but honestly, it hasn't really been a big deal at all. He knows his first name is Aaron, so, like, at customs when the agent screams out "Who is Aaron?" he doesn't look around all "there is no Aaron here" hahah.

How about Aubrey at a middle name for Gwen?
Or, well, I am pretty partial to Isabella

I say use the grandmother's name if you like it. It's your kid.

For the record, I like Gwen. It was on our (now retired) girl name list.

Since the other girls' names aren't likely to be on any of that cute stuff you see with the names in stores and souvenir shops, I say stay in the vein. The other 2 will hate her if she can find her name and they can't. You'll save yourself a lot of whining.

If you like Gwen, but not Gwendolyn because it's too close to Q's what about Guinevere?

We named our daughter W@verly D@wn. We thought Waverly was unique and feminine - it came from a lost of names from the 1930's that aren't used anymore. dawn is my mom's name. We are very happy with her name.

Good luck finding the perfect name! It's so fun to think about! I live the names you picked for your first three kids!

I have no problem with the middle name as the used name. None. The "why didn't you just name that argument" is also applied, liberally, by my mother in law when someone calls their child by a nick name rather than their full name. It doesn't hold water.

I think using a grandmother's name can be even better than using the mother or mother in-laws name because you're not choosing one parent over the other. Going back a generation can be even more forgiving.

I love the name Gwen and and agree with the suggestions that it be a longer, multi-syllable middle name to balance it out.

Our son goes by his middle name. It was a tad confusing when he started kindergarten and when he goes to the pediatrician and they call out his legal first name, but now (he's 6) he is totally used to it. He doesn't even care.

Gwen as a first name is totally cute. I think that it would match well with a middle name that was a little longer. Something ending in -ella like Gabriella, Maribella, etc. Okay, maybe not Maribella, but whatever, you get what I mean. I just think it would go well with a middle name that is longer and ends in a vowel to offset the hard N at the end of Gwen.

My exboyfriend's mom and her 6 (!!) sisters were all named Marie {fill in blank with middle name} and went by their middle names their whole lives. I thought it was odd they were all named the same thing and witnessed Ex's Mom's identity get stolen because of it, so I swore I would never do it.
As for Gwen? Love it. I like:
Gwen Regan (pronounced Ree-gan, not Ray-gan)
Gwen Rhiannon (wanted so badly to name my daughter Rhiannon, but was brutally rebuffed by ... well, everyone)
Gwen Jennelle (it's just fun to say)
As for MIL? Tell her to shove it. The next kid SHE has, she can name it after herself.

Kristen, here goes:

My son is Jack Gregory. I liked the name Jack (also a nickname for my husband's name, John) and my brother's name is Gregory. It's a great combination to me.

My first daughter is Liv Addison, but it wasn't always going to be that. My husband and I used to live on Addison and Bell and Liv's name was going to be Addison Belle. At the last minute, he picked Liv (Norwegian for "life," my husband's grandfather came from Norway) and I paired Addison with it. WHich brings me to our twin girls...

Liesl Marion...Liesl is a name I absolutely adore. It's German for Elizabeth and it's the oldest daughter in "The Sound of Music." Marion is my husband's grandmother's name.

Leia Belle...Leia is from "Star Wars," which my husband picked. And Belle is from the "Bell" where we used to live.

Pick what you love. Pick what works for you. We have family names, street names, ethnic names, musical/movie names, etc. Whatever strikes a note with you, go with it.

I wish at least once or twice a month that my mother had just given me my first name as the name she calls me.

One of my daughters has my middle name - Marie. It's fairly common as a middle name, probably because it goes with everything. In fact, it was the only name we could come up with that worked with her first name. Come to think of it, it also works with Gwen.

I could write a novel on the name stuff - middle names, family names, names for siblings, etc.

Good luck.

I'm Mexican, and we do the middle name thing all the time, so it doesn't seem strange at all to me. Mostly because everyone insists on naming their kid after the Virgin Mary (hence all the Marias and Guadalupes) or Joseph (hence the Joses). I know a lot of Marias, but very few that go by their first name.

I figured that since my kids have my husband's last name, I would not feel guilty about choosing the middle names from my side of the family. My husband was happy to go along. My girls' middle names are from my side, and my son's middle name is from my husband's side.

I know a Gwen spelled "Gwynne" and I think it is very pretty.

How about a middle name that starts with "D" so it sounds like Gwen becomes a longer name? like Gwen Delaney or Gwen Delilah...It's not Gwen-dolyn, but it sounds familiar, like it's meant to go together.

I've never understood using the middle name for anything other than letting the person know they were in trouble or getting married. My friend who has the same name as her mother and was thus called by her middle name absolutely hates it. Doctors offices, drivers license, insurance, getting married, it all has been and is such a hassle. And if it wouldn't hurt/offend her mom, she would have her name changed to switch her first and middle names.

My name suggestions:
Gwen Elyse
Gwen Carrigan
Gwen Kiana
Gwen Alana

1) My husband, oldest daughter and two of my nephews go by their middle names. It was intentional. In my daughter and oldest nephew's cases it was because of the initials. We wanted to call my daughter Rose, but I didn't want her initials to spell a word (RED). My nephew is called Parker, but his mother didn't want his initials to be PMS (I have to agree with her on that one). The other nephew has the same first name as his dad, and they figured it would get confusing. I don't remember why my husband's mom did it, but he doesn't have any problems with it. I do have to occasionally remember which things are in his legal name, but other than that it hasn't been an issue.

So, in short, I don't have a problem with calling them something other than their legal given name, but then I'm big on nicknames too.

2) Elizabeth, Amanda, Amelia

3) I think it's perfectly fine to use just one grandmother's name. We named my son after one grandfather (my FIL). We also named my youngest after one great-grandmother (mine).

I say name her what you're going to call her. All the better if you like both well enough that if she later wants to be called by her middle then you won't be annoyed. I think you should use any name you really like, even if your mother uses it too. Or, if your mom's name isn't Gwen, then you could use that as the middle after Gwen. Naming people is HARD, especially when you know you'll probably give up trying to keep them separate and wind up calling them all "Hey, Buster," like I do.

Calling the kid by her middle name will only be bad if you're the type to get annoyed with constantly correcting people about it. (Same with kreative spellings of normal names.) I am the type of person to get MIGHTILY annoyed by correcting people, so I'd never do it. That said, my S.O. goes by his middle name, and it's only annoying when I have to remember to use his first name when filling out official paperwork and whatnot. That said, unless there's a really good reason for putting the preferred name second, why NOT just put it first?

I think being called by a middle name is nice but then again, I'm from the South where it is common/popular.

Gwen Elise sounds pretty I think.

I think using one Grandmother's name and not the other is perfectly acceptable.

Is there a really, truly pressing reason not to just use the middle name as a first name?

I know plenty of people who go by their middle name - my uncle, for one, has the same name as my grandfather and didn't want to be called Junior his whole life. Truthfully, until I told my mother we were considering using my grandfather's name as our boy name I didn't even KNOW Uncle Chuck wasn't named Chuck. Although, actually, thinking about the middle name as first name, all the examples I can think of are dudes.

I second Jodifur on the "Gwenie" issue. I know one Gwen who is ALWAYS called "Gwenie."

I also second writing to Swistle. She's the bomb.

And for the record, my suggestion for a middle name for Gwen are:
Gwen Louise
Gwen Georgina (possible nn Gigi)
Gwen Amelia

1. I think using a middle name as a first can be very confusing once they get to school and then later when they get out.

2. I have a Gwendolyn Grace. She goes by Gwen. Gwendolyn, and Gwendolyn Grace. I see what you mean about having two kids with -in sounding names. Ny other daughter's name is Magdalene but she goes by Maggie. What about Gwen Allice/ Elise (Uh-leece)?

3. I think giving her a grandmother's name is fine, whatever the reason. Of course, you mil might pitch a fit if you do, but she might do that either way.

We gave our daughter a non-traditional first name (a noun, like "apple") so we gave her a traditional middle name so that if/when she grows up to hate her hippie parents she can go by C. Marie instead.

Speaking of C's, I went to school with a Cevan (pronounced Kevin) and thought it was the coolest name. She was a royal b*tch, so my husband refuses to use the name. Isn't that silly? But I put it out there for other folks to consider! It's really an interesting name for a girl!

I used to work in a bank and would see a lot of people come in that went by there middle names instead of their first. In a legal/goverment/check writing sort of way it was difficult sometimes when they would bring in a check written out to 'Bob Smith' when Bob's real full name was John Robert Smith. Especially if we had no notes in the account to prove it.

On another note, I agree with having the middle name longer. I, too, like Gwen Elisabeth, but i also like the names Seraphina and Liliana.

I am *so* glad I don't go by my middle name. It sucketh mightily.

My best friend from grade school and his sister both went by their middle names. They moved here from Georgia and supposedly it was a southern tradition to do that. I know they both thought it was a giant pain in the ass though.

Personally, I also don't understand it. If you want to call the kid something, why not just name them that? (I'm not a huge nickname fan either, but I know that's my personal style.)

You should write in to Swistle's name blog. She and her readers always have good suggestions, even for middle names.


I like Gwen paired with something longer as a middle name, like in the 3-syllable range... Louisa, Delaney, Celina... hmmm, I'm also seeing an "L-sound" trend in those.

As for the mother issue, whatevs. Your kid, name her what you want, and F what everyone else thinks.

Oddly enough I have a son named Quinlan and my name is Gwen(dolyn.) My brother goes my his seond middle name and my mother admits it was planned that way, at least by her it was. My brother is named after my dad, Harold Arthur,and his other middle name, Stephen, after my uncle. He has always been Stephen or Steve.

As for naming you child Gwen, you might as well because even if you introduce her as a Gwendolyn it will be shortened within a few minutes anyway. I have the sterotypical Anne with an e as a middle name, but I agree that a longer middle name is probably in order. My best friend Gwynedd (said Gweneth) has the middle name Elaine and I love the way they go together.

I really like Gwen, but am coming up short on the middle name suggestions. I like what previous commenters have mentioned, Gwen Elise or Eliza.

My husband can attest that he hates that his parents went into having him with the full intent of calling him by his middle name. Everyone he met before I think senior year of college calls him by his middle name, until he just got lazy and stopped correcting people, so everyone at his work calls him Robert (or, hilariously, sometimes Bob), and therefore I make fun of him. Lovingly.

Dh goes by his middle name & its annoying in a day to day paperwork sort of way and a correcting everyone who 'knows you' from a form sort of way & not the best way to begin a job interview. "Hello Steven" "Actually I prefer Chris to Steven". But on the upside I always know when it is a telemarketer on the phone because none of his friends or co workers use his first name. Just a minor hassle on the road of life but everyone has those.

I like Gwen. I agree that a long middle name would work better with it like Elizabeth or Aurora or Constance.

I say go for it & use your mom's name if your mom doesn't mind. Your MIL will no doubt have a negative opinion of whatever you choose, at least you'll be able to see this one coming

I was also going to suggest Gwen Elizabeth... Or Gwen Elisa... I don't know your last name though. I am pregnant with my second son and have picked out a long first and a long middle name because our last name is one syllable. The girl names I have not gotten to use (twice now) were: Elena, Alina, Eliana, Irina, Lucia, Lena...

Middle names as first names are fine. I've known many people to do it. Sometimes, the full name just works way better in one order than the other: "Sarah Monique" sounds better than "Monique Sarah," so if you want to use those names, but you want to call her Monique, well... Yeah.

My first thought was Gwen Elisabeth too, and I see others have suggested it too. Personally, I prefer the spelling "Elisabeth" than "Elizabeth," but maybe that's just me.

Your mom's name is fine. Your MIL will get over it. And if she doesn't, that's not your problem.

I don't like the middle name as first. I am with you on the name the kid that if that is what you want to call them.
As for a middle name for Gwen that is hard. One syllable names are not that great for a first name if you want the middle name to flow. Maybe Gwen Jordan. I like the Gwen Amelie suggestion. Stay away from Esme though or people will think you are on a Twilight bandwagon.
Grandmother's name is great. Especially if your husband doesn't mind. I am named after my grandmother but they changed it a bit. She was Laura and so was her mother. My mother was Judith Laurette and I am Lauri Jo (my dad is Joe) and my youngest daughter is Alyssa Lauren. It's become a tradition to change it just a bit but keep it going.
Good luck. Both my niece and nephew were nameless for 2 days. My oldest daughter had a name 6 years before she was born. Thank goodness it was a girl because Lily Isabel was decided on and it would have been weird for a boy.
Oh, and I think Gwen is a great name. Not so uncommon no one has ever heard of it but not so common everyone has that name. My girls has so far been the only ones in their school with their names. They think its so cool.

Middle name as first name is fine. Obviously, the kid will always be in a position of occasionally being called by his or her first name and needing to correct that, but that's also true of people named William who prefer Bill, etc. Based on my teaching experience, I'd guess anywhere between 15-25% of people go by a name that wasn't their "given" name.

No ideas for middle names. We were driving to the hospital without a name. Granted, she arrived just before the 37-week mark and we thought we'd have time to figure it out. We had narrowed her first name down to two alternates and decided once we saw her.

Using a grandmother's name is fine and not subversive. Your MIL might be annoyed, but tell her to get over it. My oldest daughter is named after her great-grandmother on my husband's side. It's not because I liked his grandmother more than say, my own, or because I love my in-laws so much (um, right). My own family understands that. It might help that my oldest's middle name was my grandmother's middle name so it all balanced out. Though, my in-laws seemed surprised when our second daughter did not have a "family" name. (Gasp! the horror!) They even commented on it. We ignored them, which was easy enough because we refuse to discuss names with anyone until the kid is born and named. We did, however, ask DH's grandmother if it would be ok to name our oldest with her name because we figured we owed her that courtesy since that doesn't usually happen when someone is still alive and we didn't want to give her the impression we thought she was going to die soon (nor did she. DD#1 is 5-1/2 and her namesake just died this Wednesday at the age of 94). Anyhow, she agreed to keep our secret until the baby was officially named. I had to endure a rather annoying, emotional phone call with my MIL practically sobbing about how wonderful it was that we named our daughter after her mother and some such, but that was all.

I was (and still am) called by my second name ... Or rather a derivative thereof ... And would highly recommend NOT doing it. For one thing it was a source of endless confusion through school. For another I need I.D. With me all the time because my legal name differs from my used name. Each time I call the doctor, for instance, I have to tell them to remember to bill under my legal name. God, the list goes on. I swore when I had my own kids that their first name would be the one they use. And I have.

So please no!!!

What about Gwen Ryan? But I've always been a fan of the boys names for girls, so who knows.

Middle names are fine, but you have to think that every class, school, and first day will have to include the explanation of "I actually go by..." Not really a problem though. And I'm with the others, your MIL will get over it.

I don't see any problem with using middle names as first names. I think people just get used to it and it's no big deal (except it probably confuses the school).

Clara is named after my mother (they shared a middle name, Marie, only-heh-my mom actually went by Marie most of her life, just as my dad went by his middle name, Doug, for most of HIS life). We only had one girl and couldn't use both grandmother's names, for a variety of reasons. I don't think my MIL cares, but she's cool like that. All my kids' middle names come from family members on both sides of the family.

I don't like the middle name as a first name thing, because I think it is confusing. However, my husband and his two brothers all went by their middle names. So does my son. Apparently, it didn't bother my husband too much, because he wanted to do the same thing to his children.

I love the name Gwen.

Gwen is a great name, and it would have ended up on a list for a second kid if it wasn't a friend's daughter's name. I agree with Julie, you need a longer middle name then.
Also, not opposed to being called by a middle name. That is how I got my blog name, and why I pretty easily answer to Amelia. My dad has been calling me by my middle name forever.
As for naming after living grandparents, I am not a fan. It is a superstitious thing, but I would go back another generation. My problem with that, personally, is that I would have loved to have named M after my grandmother, but then my damn MIL had to have the same damn name.

I feel compelled to suggest Gwen Rowenna. It's pronounced ROW-WHEN-NUH and it is my name and I've never met another one, but I get all kinds of compliments on it. It gets mispronounced and misspelled a lot, but that's much less of a big deal with a middle name. Plus, it's long, which everyone seems to agree will fit nicely with one-syllable first and last names. Elizabeth is fine, but it's also everyone and their mother's middle name, and where's the fun in that?

I've suggested it to countless people, and for some reason no one's taken me up on it yet! Hopefully I will have a daughter someday so that I can bestow upon her such a sweet middle name.

Ha on Gwennie, Jodi.

So far, we've done well with Quinlan being Quinlan and me being Kristen for my whole life, though SURPRISE, my SIL is the only one who calls me KRIS and it drives me nuts.

I have nothing against Gwen but will it drive you crazy if people call her Gwenie? Because I know I a Gwen and people call her Gwenie and she hates it. I have a Michael and people call him Mike and I hate it.

Gwen Elizabeth
Gwen Amelia
I think using your moms name is fine. Your mil can suck it.

My step dad has his middle name as a first name. So my mom forgets and tells people that call and ask for him by his real first name that no one by that name lives there. Same goes for my grandmother in-law. It is confusing to me, but a kid would probably figure it out pretty quick.

My daughter is named after a random waitress that helped us at a restaurant when I was barely pregnant.

I have no name suggestions for you. Sorry.

I am not one for naming my children one name and then calling them another name, but I know plenty of people that go by a middle name and it works fine.

Love Gwen! I agree it needs a longer middle name too.

I think it's not too uncommon & kinda cool to use the middle name as the main name. Ivy's middle name was contrived from family names into LaRue and we actually call her Lulu more than any other name.

Gwen Juliet

Gwen Amelie

Gwen Esme

those are some of my faves!


I never understood the call-me-by-my-middle-name thing. I mean, I've known people who've done it, and they seem perfectly normal and well-adjusted. I don't think it's a bad thing, exactly, I've just never understood why you wouldn't just flip the names. I must be missing something.

I agree with Julie - a longer middle name is nice with single-syllable first and last names. Gwen Elizabeth has a nice sound to it, and I think Elizabeth is always a good middle name. Or do you have a family name you could put in there? That's what we do for middle names.

I don't think using your mom's name is a problem in a sort of family politics sense, especially if you like the name and your husband doesn't think it's a big deal with your MIL. And honestly, there are only so many kids and so many names. You can't "honor" everyone. (And nothing wrong with feeling a teensy bit subversive.)

Have you checked out the Baby Name Wizard site? (www.babynamewizard.com) There's a feature where you can put in the names of the kids you already have, and it will give you a list of names that "go" in a sort of gently thematic way. It doesn't make them absurdly matchy-matchy, but they just kind of work together. It's a major time suck, tons of fun to play with. :-)

Fun with names. With the first we kept it secret, with the 2nd we just didn't know!

I like using the first name, but I don't really have an issue with middle names being the ones used either. Pretty common from what I see at school.

I think you need a long middle name with Gwen - I liked Gwen Elizabeth by last commenter.

Gwen Eliza
Gwen Oliva

That's a hard one... nothing is really ringing right. I love Gwen though.

We are Amelia ROse and Katherine Ann - Rose is a grandmother, so was Katherine. One from each side of the family...

Good luck!

I was thinking of doing a middle name as a first name. I think it's neat, and kids figure it out quickly.

Gwen is so cute, I love it.

I always tell everyone Ainsley for a girl name because I LOVE IT and I didn't get a girl to name Ainsley.

I was going to suggest Gwen Margaret, but the I remembered about Margot. So no.
Gwen Elizabeth?

Unrelated, I quite like the name Tabitha.

Ummm....dude...my son is named Caden..*snort*

My son's middle name is my husband's first name. If we were having a girl, her middle name was going to my son's middle name.

Gwen is a short name, your last name is a short name. You need a longer middle name, it just looks better and works. Gwen Elizabeth, or something like that...see what I mean?

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