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August 27, 2010


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I was SO smug with my first, which was a big motivation in why we got pregnant with the second so quickly.

I should have known--the wee one got my personality. Mores the pity.

Me: "What, do you think I'm stupid".
Him: (pause) "Yes"

Okay, I admit it was a dumb question, but it's been a long day and, quite frankly, he's driving me a little nuts.

Oh, and he's only 21 months old. Dammit.

So you're saying that this isn't supposed to happen until the third kid?!? I currently have a door kicking, top-of-lungs screaming, can't wear that shirt b/c it's striped, not striped, green, red, orange 3 year old first-born out to defy the cliche'.

Not sure we'll ever make it to kid #3 or even #2 for that matter. And to think, I always thought I wanted 4 or 5.


The cliche is so true. When old friend or random people would ask about my kids and their personalities I could quickly explain my 1st two to a tee and when I would get to my 3rd I'd always say, "It depends on the day because everyday is different when it comes to Jenna." The battles/struggles I had/have with her I never had with my boys!

I can't say I've had to deal with the hating of clothing. Our daughter LOVES dresses and therefore it is very easy to get her dressed.

However, a word of comfort on the tantrum note. Our FIRST and only (so far) had moments (moments? Felt like YEARS) around 1 year old when she would literally throw herself face first (it looked so painful!) onto the floor. We eventually figured out it was that she was having trouble communicating. She wouldn't even TRY to say a word. It was like she thought about it, realized she didn't know the word, and down on the floor she went. It was infuriating. It felt like ages at the time, but she is now completing sentences and its awesome. We did perfect the "show me" and the subsequent "that one" after a while though.

Good luck!!

My kid hates shirts. He'll tolerate me long enough to yank some pants on over his diaper but then runs away screaming when I try to pull anything over his head.

If we could somehow combine them at least we could each have a fully dressed kid 3 days a week.

Sounds like my second. I swear to you his mission since his birth was to make me look crazy. As a baby, I would push him in his stroller while he screamed his head off. People judging me all through Target. I assured them that I fed him, cleaned him, rocked him and no there was nothing sticking him. However, anyone else took him out he would be a lovely little baby. My husband still thinks I am crazy. And his aversion to clothes is the season changing. How dare I ask him to wear long pants even though it is 30 degrees outside. If you would really like to torture him take him shopping for new shoes when his toes are poking through the old ones.

LOL...snort...snort...(wiping soda off the computer screen)

As the mother of 4 girls; yes, I said 4, I can honestly say I never had to deal with the whole tantrum in the store, or wherever (my girls say I had the whole don't make me take you outside face down pat and they weren't risking that!) and not wanting to wear clothes thing. My darlings all went through 5-6 outfits per day before finally dropping off to sleep in their oh so cute nighties...come to think of it my third child still goes through 3 outfits per day before bed!

Well its means the hand me downs for the 4th aren't getting much wear.... :)

My third child (3yo at the time) once threw himself down in the grocery store (after I told him "no" for something) and then screamed "Why'd you push me?". Lucky for me the employees know me and saw the whole thing or we could have had DFS in there pretty quickly. (for the record, I did NOT push him!)

Maybe it's a third child/clothing kind of thing. My youngest strips down to a tee shirt and her undies the second she walks in the door after school. She has always hated clothes, and blankets, or coats, and forget about hats and gloves. Shoes? Only is she absolutely has to.

Did I mention she's 11 now?

My second child fits this model (she has red hair, so there is a whole new level of intense)...god help me I'm due with my third in 4 weeks!!!

DUDE! Your third kid and my third kid would so be bff's.

Sheesh. My boy? He has perfected the tantrum. To be fair, my oldest still wins the tantrum awards. But she's ADHD, so yeah. Anyway...Harrison won't wear shirts. You want to know why? So he can show you is Cuss-culs. Yeah.

Which okay fine at home. But there are no shirt sign's everywhere for a reason.

Hmmm...so what you're telling me is that if the trojan breaks, we're in for a doozy?

I figure if I survived The Lillian, I'd have to endure Linda Blair and split-pea soup for it to be more difficult.

I love your onesie anecdote. It's like they cannot handle their own decision-making powers. Seriously. Yes I want it, no I don't!

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