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August 24, 2010


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And my 4th is a boy after 3 girls so I am going to have to remember some of these comebacks. Thanks for sharing all.

I am lucky to be a member of the 4 club too. This post is timely for me and a good reminder as I am having a bedtime battle with the youngest. Also timely because I was just discussing this topic after a friend posted an article on pregnancy etiquette on her blog.


love this!...just lucky...I am so using this line!!

I didnt read all of the comments so forgive me if this has been posted. I just had twins 6 weeks ago, and have a 3 year old daughter. When people say "oh your hands are full!", I just smile and say "I'd rather them be full than empty". No one knows how to respond to that and it makes me smile.



I got my fair share of this when they found out i was having a third girl, "Oh your poor husband!" blah, blah, blah about how he needs a man cave, etc. A week in with tons of fighting amongst the older two I am finding myself saying that despite all that- "I am lucky." I have three gorgeous girls and I'm already so proud of them.

Yup. Lucky as charged.

"...you don't exactly rip the bare sweaty back of your legs off the leather seats of your car and say "Damn, I'm so lucky!" but I am." I love this line, and how true it is. It's very hard to see that luck when you are hefting a frustrated child onto a hip already swollen by water-retention from the one stretching out under your abdominal skin while trying to explain to another why he shouldn't bolt through the parking lot, but those days become exceedingly fleeting. I've been there, done that, although with only three (yeah, I'm a pussy!) While in the midst of early child-rearing, I thought it would never end, that I would be in shoe-tying, snot-wiping, tantrum-ignoring hell forever. Then the winds would shift and I'd find myself snuggling with the toe-head dozing on my shoulder and I'd think, "Yeah, this ain't so bad." Lucky is the right word, because you got to be where you are without the added stress of fertility drugs or adoption reviews. And what's more, with four there will never be a lonely moment, for you or your children.

I can't believe that I just found your blog! I just spawned my 4th (4 boys!) this summer. My DH is a trial attorney which means that while, technically, he sleeps in our house he goes weeks without actually seeing his kids. I feel you in the insanity of lots of aloneness with the kids!

I hear it every single day too (well, except about the poor son part. Although I hear poor Mom all the time. Sigh) and it gets old. I love this response and I'm going to steal it!

My mother would say everyone should have FIVE. I say the first four were just practice. They got it right and quit after number five. My (much) older siblings might disagree.

Now feeling ashamed of my most recent blog drivel. (Though in my defense August is hot and sucks unless you're at a swimming pool.)

Thanks for the head smack. And I only have 2.

It's all true. The remarks, the comebacks, the lucky. I have five. I had 3 girls and a lone boy. Then my fifth was another boy (halleluja, I don't need any more comebacks about THAT one!)

Why the "wowzers" in reference to WV?

I have 2-year old boy.. having four?! Lucky, to the four kids because they have a mom who's got so much that she has enough love for 4 kids.

You're definitely lucky. You will never be short of cuddles. It may be a loud and crazy house, but it will be full of fun.

That actually made me tear up a bit! You are lucky, it's true :)

Having fewer than 4 is for pussies.

Lucky you is right--Congrats on your fourth!

My new response to having four and maybe more is "it's really been great for my blog."

But really, I love when people are excited, it's unfortunate they are the minority of who speaks up.


Lucky! I'm going to use that when people make the inevitable "three boys? you must be crazy/tired/desperate for a girl" comments.

And yes, you are lucky to have four. And a little crazy, sure ;)

You are lucky! I'm having trouble conceiving #2. If that ever happens, I want more than that!

I just read your feature on The Pioneer Woman Homeschooling! I saw the name Kristen Chase and thought to myself, "I KNOW that name!" Then it clicked. I love your site and The Pioneer Woman's and it was so good to see you ladies working together. I hope to see more of you on there in the future.

WV, Amy? Wowzers.

And yeah, I realized the other day as all of us (girls that is) were wearing skirts and I was teaching Q a lesson on proper nouns while Drew was doing his gym class that we looked like a bunch of fundie homeschoolers.


Lucky is the perfect word, but still, I win. I went 19 years before child number 2 made his entrance. LOL.

Thanks! That made me smile!

I honestly think that you could argue that the crazy people are the first time parents. At least when you're working on number four, you know what you're in for and that you like being a parent! A first-timer is welcoming a new little stranger into the family, changing life completely.
My best friend struggled with infertility for 7 years before conceiving child number two. You truly are lucky. :)

I loved this. My friend has four kids after years of infertility and doing artificial insemination with the number one and number two and getting pregnant on her own with the third and fourth. I think "I'm lucky" is a great comeback and I am going to pass it on to her so she can use it. I am in the other category, I only have one three year old and I get asked daily (for the last three years) "When are you guys going to have another one?" I need a snappy comeback for that!

I have 5 (4 boys and a girl) ... and oh my word. I've heard IT ALL. I like you're come back! :)

Isn't it funny how different people react? I'm also expecting my 4th. We just moved from Philly to West Virginia and peoples' reactions are totally different. Back there we were regarded as the totally effing crazy nuts. Here people just assume we're really religious. We get lots of comments about blessings and what not. I don't have the heart to tell them that we're just really fertile atheists! :)

That is the perfect response.

I admit to having been one of the stupid people that would exclaim "oh my, four?" I am trying to be more gracious in all things and will take a tip from her - lucky you, most definitely.

and really, I am the fourth of five, so who am I to say anything?! and we were/are four girls and one boy - dead center. he turned out just fine. ;)

Lucky. Exactly how I feel about having three.

I like that. It's a good comeback. I'd of been the one telling you that you were lucky too.

I thought I heard three was the new two. But really, who the heck comes up with these sayings anyway?

Awesome. Great comeback. Yes to parents of more than 1 or 2 (just because that's the "norm"-lucky us! Excuse me now while I do some more deep breathing exercises to calm my nerves and go return to my ferocious 3 year old and her siblings.

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