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August 01, 2010


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This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I've joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your fantastic post. Also, I've shared your website in my social networks!

Regarding this "reading parenting books" business I must say that i have done a lot & oftentimes I find myself falling short of the book or trying to live life according to perfect models of some kid psychologist or other's mind. For me the most helpful thing when mothering is speaking with other mothers...Knowing that I am not alone & hearing practical advice.

So, yes, to books, but always with a grain of salt & personal point of view...cause heck...every infant is so different - each one deserves a book of their own...

Thank you very much for this easy to follow guide, it was very usefull.

I'm going to attempt to follow along with you on this.

love, love, love the idea. I'll be starting a little late, but I'll be joining you and writing about my progress - thats what I am going to optimistically call it!

How can ability forget not happy thing?i am very confused.

The Husband and I have been struggling with this for a while. As a result, neither of us is happy with our ability to parent, or our relationship to each other.

Count me in, heck, you can probably count him in too.

Wonderful idea! So intrigued. I'm totally in and now following you!

Hi! We loved your post over at KiwiLog and decided to feature it as part of our weekly mom blog roundup. Thanks!

I could use this re-focus for my almost-14-year old. the child can talk. and prattle on. and it isn't too-too hard to tune her out. but she's almost 14 ... how long do I really have left to listen to her (rambling) stories?

I am in!

Yeah, there's a lot of talking in my house (and only one of my kids can talk). It never stops. He talks in his sleep. And then there's my husband, also chatty. It's noisy here.

I love this challenge. Count me in.

I am in. I was just "complaining" to a girlfriend about how much my 2 year old boy and 3 year old girl talk and talk and talk! Thanks for the reminder to be a more patience parent.

I will also be joining in. Looks like I'll be a day behind bc its 9pm here and I just read this. :)
Have you thought about doing a linky? I'd love to read what everyone else is doing.

I guess soon enough they probably won't want to talk to you at all. There will be aspects of their lives, thoughts they have that they won't want to share with you. Might as well listen now, I suppose.

I'll play along too. Those long ass stories are going to be hard to sit through. My kids don't shut up from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed at night.

I'm going to attempt to follow along with you on this. (I suck at sticking to things like this.) But my whole blog is supposed to be about being a better parent, so I'm in. My daughter talks INCESSANTLY. She's going to help me make my tutu now, so I'm committed to listening to her and being present.

This is fantastic. I'll play along!

I wish you luck friend. I'd do it but mine are with my mom until the 14th. I'll have to wait till then.

Hmmm...sounds like a good way to get my little guy ready for kindergarten. I'm in...

Count me in. I've got two longwinded boys who never seem to stop. That along with my own mind chatter makes for a very exhausting day. Time to slow down. Thanks for the reminder. Www.moxiemomma.com

Man, those long ass stories! I try to take a deep breath and remind myself that, in the blink of an eye, my boy will be out in the world and it will be really quiet here. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to be present NOW. Right now. Peace.

I love applying this specifically to parenthood, but as a whole, this practice is very calming and grounding. Being present is the ONLY way to live life to the fullest and feel the most peace. Great post, I will certainly carry this with me today.

I'm going to join your challenge for today - let's see how it goes!

This is an amazing idea!!! I so agree with every single thing that you said here and I know we are all guilty of doing this. I am going to follow along and take the challenge with you.If its ok with you, I would also love to be able to share this with my readers. This topic is something I touch on quite frequently and this is so proactive. Great idea!!!!Today: I will be present!!!

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