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August 06, 2010


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When you say, "giving up a good career to be with my kids is the best for them"... is it really? I am quite sure that having a healthy, happy Mommy is what is best for them. Society sends a lot of messages about what is "BEST", but you have to find out what's best for YOU and YOUR family.

If it takes you working outside of your home and having them in a childcare setting.... for you to feel happy, then that's OKAY. Guess what? When you pick them up, you'll be so happy to see them and they will be so happy to see you... and the quality of the remaining several hours of each evening might be better than having 24 hours a day with you in a miserable state.

I have spent some years at home and some working, and it really isn't about the time you have with your kids... it's the quality of the time. You are a great mother, willing to give up for your kids... but if you don't reach out and get help... they could end up with no mother at all.

Praying for you and encouraging you to find at least one other Mom to lean on while you figure something out. Hang in there. Thanks to the blogosphere, you are never alone.

Funny you say this. I am getting a break from my kids this weekend. Now that my husband is back from being TDY, I'm going to get my eyebrows bushwhacked and my roots touched up. We're also about to get Parenting Boot Camp. Our oldest just got approved for ABA therapy. I'm looking forward to it.

So, after last night, when we got a visit from perpetually-coughing Girl at 2:30, and then a "Let's PLAY!" visit from Boy a few hours later - 20 minutes after I got myself to bed after nursing number One...

My break is tomorrow. Wine Tasting. With grown up people who 'share custody' because they are divorced and it's not their weekend.

I still want the life I have. As long as there's wine tasting and nice non-intrusive grandparents willing to babysit.

Kristen- it was so great to meet you in person today in the Expo Hall. I'm very impressed with your dancing/karaoke skills considering you are 8 months pregnant! Hope you get to relax a bit the rest of the weekend.
p.s. I was very glad that BlogHer was in NY since I live here, but now I realize that leaving home for the weekend would probably be way more relaxing!

Let's see ... the challenge I'm currently working on is remembering to not get snippish and downright mad at my son when he's doing nothing wrong and I'm actually just tired and/or mad at someone else.

Hazel, please find some help! It doesn't have to be like that. Talk with your doctor, counselor, pastor, someone outside of the situation. Find time to care for yourself, because if you don't, you can't be fully there to care for others. You and your family deserve to have you be happy.

i am a stay at home, giving up a good career to be with my kids is the best for them, but possibly the worse for me. i am not the same person, i am depressed, i feel suicidal every month, i love them but i feel like i am a non-entity, living and breathing for others as opposed to myself. i need help, i am at the end of my tether.

Hope you're having fun. Sometimes, I feel like going to work is a break. Ha!

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