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August 04, 2010


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When I want to know if my children have listened I ask them to repeat what I said to them back. My son doesn't do so well, so he gets the same thing said to him a couple of times. My daughter does better. It may be age or gender not sure yet. I learned that in couples therapy. :)

I will, also, ask them why do they think I am angry with them. Gives me an idea of what is going on in their head and sometimes they confess to things I didn't know, yet. Sneaky, but it reinforces the idea that moms knows and sees everything.

Yes, Fibi, but only if we make it through that month. Otherwise... well, we'll think optimistically!

Hey! Here's one I'm actually good at! Being 5'2" myself, I really get the frustration of having to constantly look up at people. Being eye to eye literally with someone is much more conducive to making sure you are seeing eye to eye figuratively with someone.

Also, like you said, I find I'm already being more mindful of my interactions with my kids thanks to these challenges! So when I yelled at my daughter this morning? I was fully aware I was yelling. ;-)

OK, I am on day 4 of the challenge and I am sharing with my readers. I think this is another awesome challenge. I agree with the previous commenter, I too knew to do this, but apparently Mommy brain has made me either forgetful or just lazy. Exhaustion tends to make my brain function less:) I am sharing this challenge with all my Mommy friends. You are making the world a better place! Also, yesterday's challenge... I was so much more specific. I could see the difference it made in my girls' eyes. It was like they knew I meant it.I was off autopilot. Wish I was going to BlogHer so I could meet you in person and thank you.Next year, I will be the random Mommy blogger telling you thank you for the challenge that changed my parenting life!Big Hugs! Have fun this weekend.

Wow. I learned this working with special needs kids too. Why do I not utilize this with my own child? It seems that we forget a lot of important things we know when it comes to raising our own children. I guess we are busy and just need to slow down and focus. By the way, as we enter in to challenge #4, I already feel like I have raised my voice a lot less. I think this Be A Better Parent Challenge was a fantastic idea. My husband would totally appreciate your next challenge, the Try Not To Kill Your Husband challange!

This is something I've always used. It is much more effective than talking to the air above their heads. I tell them to "look at my eyes" while I'm instructing/reprimanding/and, yes, complimenting them. I then ask if they understand and they need to answer "yes, mom" or "no, mom".
I must give credit to a child psychologist friend who suggested this technique. lol

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