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August 27, 2010


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I just said no to tv and took a 1/4 of a watermelon out of the fridge and let the girls eat it recklessly and with unparalleled zest at the kitchen table. It's before dinner, it's out of the norm, but it's Friday and we are actively delighting in it. Celebrating FTW

Love this idea, Sue - it's really awesome.

Oh, and Sue- I really like the special plate idea!

I like this one a lot. My son likes it when I let him choose what's for dinner (he usually picks tacos). When he's had a good week at school or if he's been particularly sweet with his little sister I'll surprise him and let him choose. We also like to do fun things on the weekends and tell them it's because they're such awesome kids. Last weekend was a Disney trip before the back to school routine. Tomorrow we're checking out the kids' program at the Dali museum.

I'm really enjoying your Parenting Challenge. These are small, easy things you can do. Re: today's challenge - someone once told me "life has enough bad stuff, you gotta celebrate everything you can." We don't do enough of that around here. I'm a terrible gifter. It actually stresses me beyond believe to get a present for someone. An easy celebration idea: We have a special plate that doesn't get near enough use. If someone does something good, loses a tooth, gets a good grade, makes a team, they can get the special plate at dinner. The kids really love it and we should do it more because it doesn't cost anything and you were going to use a plate for dinner anyway.

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