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August 19, 2010


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Here, I wish you all a round their friends network beautiful dream!

I am such a control freak that this is really hard for me. Really hard. In fact, I think I have ruined my husband because I hear him say "Let's ask Mom" to our daughter a lot, even if she wants juice or a snack. I really do need to be a little more flexible, and I have actually been trying to lately, since I think that it is important that our daughter thinks that her dad knows what he his doing. Whether I think he does or not, LOL.

I feel your pain. My husband is out of town all week and its hard for me to relinquish power when he is here on the weekends. Though sometimes, like when I am beyond spent and zombie like exhausted,I wish he could come in and rescue me.I think its hard for him to feel comfortable co parenting when he is only here on the weekend because he feels like his time is so limited with them that he doesn't want to be the bad guy. But its not fair that I have to be the bad guy ALL the time either. I want to be the fun one!WAH!WAH! (that's me crying because I'm so tired and it was the first day of kindergarten today and its all I can muster!The big guy did come in to hold my hand for that..of ocurse he started tearing up and though it was endearing..it was absolutely of no help to my emotional state:)

thanks for the encouragement! loved this post!

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