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August 17, 2010


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I do the "okay" thing all the time and didn't realize how much until DD started saying it back to me. I try SO hard not to ask questions like that, it's tough!

The most commonly asked question in my house:

"Did you hear me?" (and unfortunately, a 'yes' answer is 50-50.)

But - you're right. "Okay" implies, "Will you PLEASE do this?" Begging. Mommy shouldn't beg for compliance.

I've tried to say, "Ya with me?"

"Got it?" is a great one, too.

Thanks for the reminder. I think it's human nature to try to be fair, but we have to remember we're parents too.

I love this post too. I can't stand to hear parents asking permission from their little ones when they should be giving directions. My kids have to make eye contact with me and when I'm finished I ask, "Do you understand?" The answer they need to give is, "Yes, Mom" or "No, Mom". Sometimes I make them repeat the instructions back to me.
Now if they only did everything the first time I ask. Sigh.

As for the other challenges, we hit a home run with the "fun" one since it was our 8 year old's birthday weekend. ;)

I do the same as Christy S. but rather than "Got it?", I ask, "Understand?" as my 8 yr old tends to misinterpret things.
This is a good challenge and many of us parents need to make the transition.

I have been trying to break the "okay?" thing for so long. It's hard, though, because apparently, I say it to everyone. Still trying to figure out why I give a crap whether anyone thinks whatever it is I am saying is "okay."

I love this. I catch myself doing this more than I care to think about. Even with my husband. ;)

I totally do this, and I'm trying to stop. Thanks for the reminder!

I LOVE this post. I have a friend who ends every. single. thing. she says to her strong-willed 6 year-old with "Okay?" in this sugary, high-pitched tone, and then she wonders why the kid won't obey her. It's because you didn't tell her what to do, you asked her permission to parent her! It makes me crazy. Instead of "okay", I end my sentences to my kids with "Got it?" which sounds a little harsh, but it makes them acknowledge me without it sounding like I'm giving them a choice (i.e. "It's time for bed. Got it?" instead of "It's time for bed, okay?")

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