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August 12, 2010


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And this is why I had a lovely tea party with birthday cake with my daughter right before bedtime! It's also how I got her in her room and away from the TV without a fight (What do YOU want to play in your room? Let's go do that!)

Great series and full of lots of advice! It is interesting to learn tips and tricks but also see that what works for one person, doesn't for another. I too am a WAHM and certainly the hardest part is defining an 'end' to the day. Though I don't miss the traffic and commuting, sometimes I miss that time in the day to separate work from home.

I love these challenges. I may not be following them in order or to the letter, but I definitely feel closer to my kids and like a better mother. Thank you!

Thank you so much for these challenges! I agree with the comments above that you should totally make this into a book! It'll sell millions. My four year old is always trying to get me to play with him and when I do it's never "right". I will definitely remember your advice. :)

I've been trying to keep up with your Better Parent posts, as applied to teens, on my blog. I'm woefully behind, though. Which is good, because I don't know what I'm going to say about this one ... since at least with my older (14yo) daughter, she mostly complains when I say I have to go to bed at a reasonable hour instead of doing what she wants to do until 2 a.m. "But Mom, it's suuuuummmmmmerrrr!"

I think knowing your own limitations is important, Greg. And really, a kid's ability to adapt and play what someone else is playing is a developmental skill. And really, it's easier when they're older for sure.

But even if you're playing Barbies with her and you're putting your spin on it, that's cool. It shows that you don't always have to play with things a certain way.

But you probably already knew all that.

Our daughter is CONSTANTLY asking for one of us to play with her. I'll admit - I was/am no good at playing with dolls or Barbies of any kind. When pressed into action, I'm the type that would name the Ken character 'Tiger' and stick three scantilly dressed Barbies in the back seat of the 'vette and inevitably end up having to dance around the current events/life explanation conversations as a result. I, too, want to play with my daughter more and now that she's 6 (and getting older) its much easier to steer way from the princesses and do things that are fun for both of us. I think that is the key, at least for me. Its not that you can't play with certain toys or participate in certain activities, its that it makes it harder to be on point if you are out of your element. Kids will play with anything - they just want your attention. So I'm trying to be better about not only giving it 100%, but doing things that we BOTH can enjoy and get 100% satisfaction from.

Purely coincidence: So last night, my 3 1/2 year old says, "Momma, come play with me in my room . . . " after his tubby. I had 2.5 million other things to do. But I thought about your whole challenge and I said to myself, I really should just go sit and play whatever. So I did. And now, I find myself reading this as your next challenge. I'll just add that notch to my belt. Done. Now I can tackle one of my 2.5 million things - and be ready when he and his brother get home later on today. I'll listen, be fun, play with them, and forgive myself when I throw a tantrum.

Thanks again for this challenge. And I agree, it should be a book!

Another great challenge. I have caught myself so many times saying "Hold on" or "in a little bit" and then it never comes to fruition and I feel like such a shitty mommy . Today we will play:) Again, thanks so much for this challenge. I am sharing it daily with my readers and they too are participating.I'm telling you, this is a great next book for you:) You have inspired me!

The laundry is always there. I wish I could worry about it disappearing while I play with my kids, but it never seems to happen here.

When I hear, "Tickle me, Mama!" today, I will turn off my monitor and go do it. Good advice. (But I'm still hoping the laundry will vanish while I do it!)

That is so true. And I'm still trying to remember it when my 15yo wants to play cards with me.
Have fun with your three, soon to be four ♥

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