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August 11, 2010


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You are losing it. I've already lost it. Welcome.

BEen there done that! I loathe the moment that you know you have gone overboard and your kid had nothing to do with it! I do the same, apologize and make nice and try to go back to sane mommy!

Yup and you are pregnant!

I'm finding in these last few weeks of pregnancy that trying to "be a better parent" is really fucking hard! I lose it on her once in a while and it feels so horrible. I generally cry, sit on the couch with her and beg forgiveness for being a terrible parent.

Definitely not perfect but when you think of how you could be royally messing up their heads with your rants, you can't help but feel bad. I just keep telling myself that once I'm no longer pregnant I will be better, I'm not lying to myself am I?

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