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August 02, 2010


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I can't wait! I've been a WAHM for over 5 years and still can't seem to find balance (And I'm not convinced yet that it's really possible - doesn't something always have to give?). Looking forward to your interviews.

I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE your style! I am a young single mother who works at home and am trying to figure out my life, one day at a time. I just started blogging about my journey in becoming a young single mother and am looking to connect with other mothers so -- Hello!


super cool! If you need anyone else- I am here- working and working and being in this house! lol. I wish I would see you this week. So sad to be at home- 22 days left for me! xoxoxo

Been a WAHM for about 6 months now...and I have to admit i am loving it...I have routine and schedule down pat! Then again I used to be a single mom with no help who had to commute an hour to and from work..this was worth making work!!

Looking forward to hearing all the interviews and advice!!

There are plenty of days when just SAHM-ing kicks my ass - can't wait to hear about how real life WAHM's handle it.

I'm pretty sure the WAHM living in my house is the best of all.

Kristen, it kicks my ass too, and I've been WAHM-ing for a long time...like 7 years now. Sometimes it gets easier for a while (like when I have some reliable child care, even if it's very part-time, or when I don't have any toddlers in the house) and then it gets hard again. And your #1 be a better parent step--to be present for the kids--is for me the absolute hardest thing to pull off as a WAHM. I find that I have to set very clear boundaries with myself, my kids, and everyone else about when I'll work, and when I won't; and I have to be willing to constantly (like daily..or sometimes hourly) take a good, hard look at how well I'm really managing my load and then be willing to change things u when they aren't working. Still, every month, every year I feel like I get a little better handle on it and can juggle better--or at least am better at being honest with myself about what just doesn't fit. Hang in there, and I can't wait to read the posts!

I am interested in reading these as a wahm myself . I am a graphic designer and freelance and contract to 4 companies and have three children.

Oh and I'm looking forward to the series.

Holy cow! Home school you oldest?????? On top of everything else you do?????

Don't get me wrong, I admire those who can home school, but holy cow Kristin, don't you have enough on your plate????

You go girl!

Wait. You're homeschooling Q?

Wow! Exciting & overwhelming stuff all around! ;)

Look forward to seeing your interviews.

Cool! Can't wait to learn about other WAHMs and their journey. I like to see just how weird and fabulous everyone else is.

Working at home is hard. I am actually considering looking for a new job as soon as I get back from BH. One with paid time off. Lunches that aren't PBJ. We'll see.

While I don't work at home, I've been working full-time 3 months now for the first time EVER & just told a friend yesterday that I'm having such a hard time finding that balance with all that needs to be done. It'll be interesting to see the challenges and successes of WAHM - I'm hoping I can pick up some tips regardless of the fact I'm in an office - cause we all know as a mom, you are on duty in a different capacity once you walk in the door of your home!!! Looking forward to your interviews!

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