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August 10, 2010


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Thanks for the words of advice Lindsay, much appreciated!

I loved this, Lindsay, especially the tip about planning out your week so that your kid-time is quality time. Really good advice.

And since I laughed at your inability to text (in the line for the SLL party) because your phone is old school, I'm loving your rationale for it. Makes total sense because if your email is in your purse, it is damn hard to watch someone do jumping tricks at the park. (Even when they're yelling "Look at this, Mommy!")

@ Beth, if your kids are capable of playing by themselves long enough for you to get something done, I envy you. I certainly don't think it's a crime, and it's possible that I've sabotaged my kids ability to develop that skill! Oh well, live and learn.

Kate, I get that question a lot and the truth is that I when I started my blog, I wrote for about a year without making a dime. I tell everyone that you need to factor that into your decision if you're trying to start up a WAHM career, particularly one that's online- Be prepared to make little to no money for a while as you get things going and build an audience or clients.

Actually, that's has been the one of the primary factors to all my successes-- Persistence. If you really believe in your idea, keep trying. And trying. And trying. Most people give up pretty quickly. The fact that you don't is often what impresses others most, and ends up getting you what you want.

Kristen, thanks for interviewing me! My mom saw you on the Today show and didn't believe that I actually KNOW you! She sounded very skeptical. LOL

After the first two installments I ranted to my husband for a good hour about the adamant stance that it can't be done without child care. I'm relieved to see that there's someone else out there who doesn't see it as a crime to have your kids play by themselves for a little while (mine are currently watching Dumbo -- for school, actually, for Ben).

I try really hard not to feel guilt. It's not easy, but I try :).

I'm so glad you're doing this series, it's been extremely interesting so far and fun to read. However, as a full-time WOHM, I'd like to hear more about how these women got their starts as WAHM's. Can you please try to throw in a question about that going forward? That would be so helpful and very much appreciated. Thanks again for running this series, been looking for something like it for a long time!

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