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August 17, 2010


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As I sit her after staying up til 3:30am working I know it's all worth it. Despite having to prop open my eyelids with toothpicks, I do love WAHM precisely because I get to juggle it all.

Sometimes that means postponing a call to help a sick child, or it means putting on a movie so I can work next to them while someone else entertains them, but it's good for all of us.

I completely agree that having a supportive partner makes a huge difference, my husband is also extremely supportive of my work and I'm grateful for that. Because he's so great about my wacky hours, and crazy schedule I take one night a week off to just be with him.

The bonus is that I get to financially help out, be with my kids, and be there for all the important stuff like the daytrip I'm about to embark on with them.


Michelle -

I think it really depends on what you do at home. There are plenty of WAHM jobs that absolutely require the person's full and utter attention and truly it would be almost impossible for someone to get anything done let alone try to parent.

On the other hand, there are plenty of WAHM jobs, mine included, that can be done, quite well in fact, without fulltime childcare. It might not be completely ideal, but I wouldn't call it "unfair" to anyone either. Big difference.

I'm sure others will have more to add.

I love this because I brought my son to work for the past 9 months. I work for myself as attorney but if someone were to ask me how I did it, the truth is my assistant became part nanny and my Mom backed me up when the baby was too fussy for me to be productive. You do need support and some hours where you can just work without children in a day or at least every other day to get things done. I think I lived it in order to dispel some myths I held but it is refreshing to have some real life how-tos! Thank you!

I've been working at home for nearly 5 years now and my kids have always been in daycare. Having your children at home with you while you work is not fair to either your children or your company. Being self-employed is one thing but not if you work for someone else.

Hooray! The juggle is indeed difficult, but of course you are up for the challenge.

I'm so glad you brought up how great Kyle is, because I think a supportive partner makes all the difference in the world. It's easy for most partners with traditional work situations to assume you've had a cushy day, what with doing all your work in pajamas and all. Here's a tip: It doesn't take any more effort to conduct a conference call in a suit than it does in pajamas. But it does take more effort to conduct a conference call while simultaneously muting Sponge Bob, fixing lunch, responding to DMs, and keeping the kids from licking the light sockets.

Yay for Julie!

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