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July 23, 2010


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*Instant is good, no seizing the moment is sad.

that girl is freaking adorable.

I almost think the hand-me-downs are to keep the force of their personality from overpowering us. Amazing 3rd wonders.

i love that my 3rd was, is and will always remain her own unique person that stands out in her own special way in my crowded circus. she just had her Senior photo shoot earlier this week ...my gawd why is she growing up so fast?
Margot is deliciously adorable.

This reminds me so much of my little girl, Miyah...she copies everything that her big brother does. If he wants it so does she. Her jokes are just add ons from his. But like your little one...she imitates but is totally a person of her own....I think it is adorbale!

How sweet. My third child is very much his own person. For so long he was the tag-along, the easy, happy-go-lucky guy. Then he turned about 4 and it was like a switch flipped--he became argumentative and pretty hard to deal with for a while. Now at 6, he's back to being easy-going...but he's all HIM and won't be anyone's shadow.

I used to joke, when I had two kids, "Well, I guess that's all I need. I have this one son who's cautious and sensitive and this other son who's daring and curious. That's the only two kind of people there are in the world, right?"

Now that I've got five, I'm amazed at how very different they all are! Turns out there's room for each one of them to be his or her own completely own person.

What a cutie. Better start making room in that heart for #4.

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