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July 31, 2010


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I think the only comments I loved to get were the 'so, is this your 1st?' from people so I could say that it was, in fact, my fourth. I LOVE the reactions I get. Even if it's horror (I've gotten that, yes I have!)...totally cracks me up.

Four is awesome.

I'm glad all is well here. Carry on.

I get the same reaction when people find out I have four children. My son is 5, my oldest daughter is 4, and I have ten-month-old twin girls. We went from two to four. The transition was not hard because at that point in the game, we actually knew what we were doing. Still, it pisses me off when people ask if we got fertility treatments. We didn't and I have yet to come up with a snarky retort for it. Any ideas?

Considering a 4th but oh boy, not sure I can do it. People need to mind their own business.

I always feel like people are a little disappointed when they say "Oh is this your first?" and I say "No, second", as if not including them in the super-speshul first pregnancy was somehow a failure on my part. At least by four they have the courtesy to look shocked - and probably don't feel the need to offer quite as much unwanted advice.

Try being 30 and pregnant with number 8. While 4 are adopted it still pisses me off when people ask things like "how many are yours yours, like how many did you birth?" Seriously...they are asking questions about my vagina.

Yeah- believe me I still have moments where I ask my husband : "OMG What have we DONE?"

At Blogher08 I was pregnant & went into that Sesame St suite and had a video made with Grover, his reaction upon hearing it was my fourth is priceless.


I LOVED the looks on peoples faces when they'd ask me if this last pregnancy was my first and I would tell them my fourth! My little girl is 10 months now and the transition from 3 to 4 was so smooth it makes me want number 5!!!

Oh - but people totally look at me like I'm some freak show when I'm out with all my kids sometimes (and the are exceptionally well behaved)! I've actually had people come up to me in a restuarant and have them ask me if they are really all mine! Crazy!

KUDOS to you, love your take. I am currently considering a fourth babe :)

i have always been amused by people's responses to the fact that I have five children. And yes, at times I did find myself laughing a little bit uncontrollably over the reality of it all...it was and remains much better than crying over the reality of it all.
I'm hoping for you that the transition from #3 to #4 will be smooth and easy enough that you find yourself wondering why is it so much easier this time. That's how it was for me with my darling #4 baby.
can't wait to see you again next week!

I wonder if that Duggar woman has that problem too?

Each time it hit me at a different time. Like oh wait, this is real.

We have 3 and I so want 4, but I think we'd lose it, too. A good "lose it".....but not sure the husband is on board with that breakdown. Kudos to you!!!!

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