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July 05, 2010


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When I was in college my little cousin made me this ridiculous Lisa Frank unicorn/star beaded bracelet and gave it to me one Christmas. It was so sweet of her and I wore it each time I flew home from school as a good luck/let's not crash the plane charm. I still have it to this day. My cousin is now in her early 20s.

Awwwww!!! So sweet of your son to give you that bracelet. I bet you are very proud of him.:-) It's very thoughtful of him; it only shows how much he loves and values you as his mom.:-)

So true, and all that sweetness makes up for the other stuff.

That's very sweet :)

I love it!
Better than gold.

I don't know why but just reading this has me crying my eyes out. Beautifully written. I cannot wait for any of my children to make me some beaded jewelery. <3

I have a son. Two daughters, and one son, and sometimes he hits me in a spot in my heart my girls don't touch. I don't know why. Something about his boyness, his sweet spirit underneath the male ego that seems to layer them from birth, makes me melt just a bit.

Awww. so sweet! Nothing is better than a piece made with love through the due diligence of our babies!

There's nothing better.

Awww, what a cutie!!

i have many priceless treasures in my jewelry box like these. they truly are more precious than any fine jewelry piece i might own. it is truly a beautiful piece, mama! so is that baby bump!
i can proudly brag that i own some of your son's amazing art. i recalled how proudly he presented them to me as i read this. he is such a great kid...remember that on the days, well, you know.
give that sweet boy a hug from me.

I loved this post! You totally captured the way I feel about the very special handmade gifts on which my kids spend extra time. They truly are priceless!

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