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July 30, 2010


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Love your posts! Keep it up!

So, if I see you sleeping at the back of a room, can I come talk to you? If I bring coffee and a cookie?

Dude. Harrison? Has been sleeping in a pack n play. In my bedroom. My saving grace, is that at least he's not in my dam bed.

We can start support group of regressing, non-sleeping, thank god they are so dam cute toddlers, now?

Apparently not, Katie. Cuz I just had to google it. Heh.

You are a total BAMF.

Geez... I thought I was busy. I almost cried from exhaustion at your busy. We can put our swollen ankles up together at Blogher next week.

Wow--you are busy. I'm looking forward to your Alice.com videos.

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