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July 19, 2010


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Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it�s not a much.:)

Great tips. I was totally overwhelmed last year with all the events, and ended up vowing to take some time to just relax this year. I RSVPd for a few, but have since taken myself off the list.. You're Welcome to whoever gets my spots :) This year, my latest night out is at 10pm... and I make sure i get to say goodnight to my girls via WebCam before they go to sleep...
Hope I get a chance to finally meet you this year!

Great list becuase it's all so true. Now I'm what they call 'socially awkward' so I end up hiding most of the time but I've found that during thee times that I'm hiding away from the action are the times when I meet the best people. Also your point in #1 is spot on: like @TheMomSlant said "If you can't say "You're so beautiful!" then just STFU."

I am SOOOOOO jealous. Not going. Too darned far. Can we have one of these in Sydney one day soon?
PS I giggled the whole way through this post. Classic.

Wonderful list! I will be there pregnant and sober as well! This is my first BlogHer and while there are many people I would love to meet, I am certain that I won't recognize anyone! So, it will be like christmas when I do actually meet someone I know :-)Thanks for the post!

I love number five the most. Can't wait to see you in two.

Excellent tips!Hope to say hi to you while we're there!

I have one to go with number 1 as well. No matter how much you relate to what another blogger has written, your story is not "just like hers." And a cocktail party isn't the time or place to try and convince her of that.

In 2007, I had the uncomfortable experience of someone coming up on a casual conversation I was having with a blogger who had lost her son. We weren't talking about her son or her loss - I think we were probably talking about boobs. Most likely, at least. This other woman broke into her very sad story about losing her son, many years ago, when he was in his late 20's. Which, honestly, was very different than this blogger's loss.

It was possibly this woman's way of trying to tell the blogger that she cared about her and her loss, but what came across was, "I know exactly how you feel because I lost my son too." Well, actually, that's what she said, and it just didn't work that way.

After the other woman walked away, I told the blogger I was talking with that I thought she handled herself beautifully in a very awkward situation. Her reply? "Oh, people do that to me all the time."


I was going to say the 400 jump drive reference was the funniest ever, but then I saw the awesome Coach Bag spam in comments. Sorry, you come in a close second now Kristen.

Great tips, as always. Half the time the parties themselves are too loud to actually talk to anyone, so the lobby outside the party is often the best spot to meet and chat with others. And anyone that wants to offer a quiet place to rest, get a snack and talk with others will quickly win a spot in my heart.

My only other tip to add to your tips is if you're there representing a brand, many of us are happy to hear your pitch, but be brief. Remember that this is one of the few chances many of us get each year to spend time with our long distance friends, and catching up with people is as important (or more important) than pitches. I love me some free stuff, too, but it's about the people first.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

@Julie: OMFG. No WAY! lol. People are funny and starstruck and um, like K said: Social skills are underrated. And also, I guess I gotta go get me some Spanx.

I like to just cut loose and drift sometimes at those kinds of things. I had fun that way last year, too. Wandering around and bumping into people. I had the best conversations that way.

Great list, K. CAN'T WAIT!

Take a moment to let the goodness of life touch your spirit and calm your thoughts. Then,share your good fortune with another. By coach purses

Next year, I will make it to my first BLOGHER and I can't wait to meet all of my heroes! My only worry is that I will get diarrhea of the mouth and start saying wildly inappropriate things. Seems that since I am so accustomed to being surrounded by preschoolers and toddlers that when I am , in fact, in a room with adults..the filter between my mouth and brain ceases to function!happy Mothering! Have a blast at BlogHer!

I agree that just saying "Hi--I'm X & I enjoy your blog" is the way to go. Almost everyone I talked to was very friendly.

The only thing I would add is, "Don't be afraid to hide in your room with a bottle of Jack if you get overwhelmed." Well, that works for me, anyway.

Great list. I think I've seen you more this year than I've seen my mom, which shows how high on the list you are to me, sweetie. Way high. Like Jesus, only with better footwear.

Thanks, K. Always good to have reminders. I'm looking forward most to the chats I get to have just hanging out with cool folks like yourself. Now, the question is: When I meet you, would you prefer I squeeze your boobs, your adorable baby bump, or your swollen ankles? These are important concerns I have, you know. :)

It all sounds pretty fabulous. I hope one day I can go! Love the format of this post!

I swear to you, I will hunt you down. And? If it gets to say Saturday morning and I haven't found you, I'll DM you.

Was me being a huge chicken shit scaredy cat. (In my defense though, it was on the Keynote day.)

Issa - I was SOOOO upset that I didn't see you. Seriously, my biggest "wah" moment from last year.

You better come find me - or I'll waddle my way over to you.

Oh great, now I'm regretting everything I've written in the past six months. I can just picture the awkward questions people will ask. ;0)

Okay truth time...I saw you last year across a room and was overwhelmed in the moment (I was possibly overwhelmed the entire time) and didn't go say hi. I got all weirded out for some reason, like you might not remember me or something. Issa, who? Yes, I'm insane. Anyway. I promise not to make that mistake this time. Watch now I won't see you. ha.

To this day I get all totally freak out nervous about BlogHer. Which is bizarre and no one will hate me and I will actually know people. And yet...what if you all hate me?!

See you in NY, friend!

A rule for me is to not attempt to relieve the past. I must try not to be the old fart in the room by always lamenting how "big" BlogHer has gotten given that I've gone to all of them - including that very intimate 2005 gathering. Each BlogHer has been "different" in its own way, and of course, each has been wonderful in its own way, too. So - although I think it would be awesome to just hang with familiarity, I definitely want to welcome the newbies - and appreciate them for who they are, not just because they are fresh and shiny.

Very good list. I find a lot of bloggers, myself included, are a little socially shy. I find big crowds overwhelming and I can end up spending a lot of time scanning the room or staring at the program. So, I'd just add #6: If you feel awkward - you're not alone. If nothing else, finding another loner and commiserate on the challenges of big events - that's an easy conversation starter. :)

Total agree. Good list!

A corollary to #1: Don't comment on how someone's in person appearance differs from their online appearance or how you envisioned them.

At BlogHer08, some asshole said to my friend, "Wow, I didn't know you were fat!" True story.

Bottom line: If you can't say, "You're so beautiful!" then just STFU.

Great tips. Hope to catch you while I'm there!

I violated #1 the first time I met someone I knew exclusively online in real life (it wasn't at BlogHer though). She wrote a whole post about how odd it was that someone she'd just met asked about her health issues. It made her uncomfortable until she realized I was just genuinely concerned.

In short, I agree with your admonition against such introductions.

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