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June 26, 2010


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You totally nailed it.

I hate saturdays. When I tweeted about it once people didn't understand. I'm sorry 2 days at home (or doing errands or outings) with everyone is exhausting.

We need to start saying TGIM, because then at least some of the kids go off to school.

I can't wait to read the book you write with Liz. (I demand an autographed copy.)

(After I've done boughten it.)

Yeah, the days totally blend when you're home always. It's tough to see the silvery Friday-esque lining.

Great post, love 'o dark thirty, comments also making me laugh. I find it excruciating how his Dad can sleep in no problem for a good 5 hours past when we are up. Yet if I even try to sleep for an extra ten minutes "Mommy up. Mommy up" and blankets pulled off.

I love the point some made, Karen (Submommy) and others about how it's actually more annoying than a weekday. I do find myself absolutely illl-tempered on Saturdays, always having that fantasy that it will be just slightly easier, and when it's not, and I can't even dream of a second to myself, (even during naptime when of course Daddy's FINALLY up) I get livid.

At least Sunday nights are not full of dread.

I don't like Saturday because I actually like being in my office. And, I'm expected to help with diapers and stuff.

It's a bit like working in retail then. Most days I don't know what day it is, just what my schedule is. Weekends, what are those? Is that what normal people do?

It's totally easier when the Big Man isn't home. No one asking WHY the dishes haven't been done yet, or trying to feed the baby Twizzlers for breakfast... oh, how i wish I was kidding on that one...

I agree!! Half the time I don't even realize it is Friday.

This post cracked me up and the comments that followed were icing on the cake. SSDD is brilliant!

Girl I hear you!

AMEN, sister.

What weekend?

YES! YES! YES! (and, oh how I wish I was saying that for some other reason...)

Some days I think that it's actually EASIER when my husband isn't home. At least on those days I'm not annoyed that he's laying on the couch, watching cartoons with the kids, and not doing the list of things I think he should be doing.

And it's not as if my kids seem to notice that daddy's home. At least not right away, anyway. They still come bursting into the bedroom at the crack of dawn yelling out my name-even when it's my morning to sleep in. (though, bless my husband, he did hustle thme out of the room first thing yesterday-right after my daughter walked in and yelled MOMMY)

You know even the calendar says WTF after Monday and Tuesday!

The title of this post is AWESOME. lmfao.

For me, its TGIS. I love Sundays, my husband lets me sleep in. I wait for it ALL WEEK. :)

I think SAHM and WAHMs should start tweeting "TGIM!" Because really, that's what I say during the school year. Some weekends, Monday can't come fast enough.

I use the acronym SSDD for Same Shit, Different Day. It's fun!

For me, I like Mondays the best, but every day is just a day. I, too, am a sometimes single mommy!

I am going to vote that as working mom, weekends no longer mean what they did when I was younger. They now just mean I have to get more cleaning done and try to catch up sleep, and try to keep a kid entertained. I am the one that gets up early, most weekends, and I plan activities. Someone still thinks that he should get to have downtime on the weekend. As if.

Yep - you nailed it. Just add in the geographically single mommys due to deployments/buisness trips, etc. Same shit, different day.

I so agree.When you are a SAHM or WAHM Mommy, it really is same shit different day. The only thing different here is that Daddy is in town and sleeping in..which makes me a little envious, a little pissed off and a little homicidal!Aww, the joys of Motherhood.Happy Mothering!Now, make Daddy have a Daddy /kids day and you go sneak in a nap!


Definitely! Was up at 6:30 this morning with my little one, who decided that he didn't need dinner last night, and therefore was about starved by that time. We then crept about and watched more than a little TV just to keep him quiet until Papi finally surfaced at about 9am, by which time I was about ready to go back to bed myself...

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