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June 21, 2010


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Einstein didn't talk until he was three. Just sayin.

My friend's third daughter didn't open her mouth until 3yo. She didn't need to, two older sisters who did everything. And then spoke in complete sentences. And hasn't stopped in the last 13 years!

Oh my god that is so cute!!

Yep, third child. Mine didnt say much until he was 2. Then suddenly he was speaking in 5 word sentences. And no at 5 he is advanced for his age.

My 24 month old finally started talking like last month (second child). And the words have literally exploded and now he doesn't stop.

You wouldn't be a mom if you couldn't find something to obsess over . . .

That is just hilarious, very clever girl!!
Definitely third child qualities in her.

TOTALLY a third kid thing. They learn pretty young on they don't need to talk to get what they need. Even when the doctor was trying to get my son to talk, the girls kept interrupting with the answers; the doctor pointed to them and said, "see? he doesn't need to talk".

So, yeah, now at 5 1/2, he doesn't stop, so I try not to think "Please stop talking!" b/c that is the ultimate irony.

Super smart babe!

I can't wait to squeeze her up.

SO cute. Well, her words may be slow coming but at least she is potty training at lightening speed:)

Go Margot!

LOL. She's so nice and helpful. Isn't it funny, that by the third one, you stop really worrying about them talking. Because we know when they do, they'll never stop.

Harrison is a talked. To a degree. Mostly words about Cars. The Disney Movie. He's obsessed. Yet, he too, can do more at almost 21 months than one would say he probably should.

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