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June 29, 2010


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I cannot stop laughing over the fact that she makes pee sounds while sitting there. That is one of the funniest things I've heard this week.

My little one sits on the potty with her hand on her girl parts "just checking" to see if there is any pee. And then she gets a handful of it. Love that.

Fun times. I would've let the toddler not be potty trained for months but daycare insisted she was ready - and they were mostly right - they go on the take them every 20 - 30 minutes method, wearing diaper in between... not as easy to do at home I found.

We found the best thing at Home Depot - its a toilet seat & lid that has a small seat inserted they can pulld own from the top - she much preferred that to a small potty of her own - and much easier cleanup for you.

I'm potty training my son now so I feel your pain. I'd promise the kid a car on his 16th birthday if he would just poop on the potty.

Too funny!I do feel your pain, I don't know how many times I have caught myself sniffing my babies ass in a public place trying to figure out if she pottied ( without realizing where I was) and thinking to myself..I got a masters for this!I guess its better than my husband, he'd actually stick two fingers down the back of the babies diaper! IDIOT! He only had a bachelors...I think that explains it!LOL He's since gotten his masters, so hopefully things will turn around for him and his fingers:)Happy Mothering!

Aw, thanks guys!

I'm not using pull-ups (oh heck no!). And really, it's the poopy diapers that bother me more. I can take pee diapers scattered around my house.

Issa - Drew was ridiculously easy to potty train. He started waking up dry at 2 y/o. Sat on the potty and went after that and then one day (actually at my SIL's wedding in a hotel) decided to poop in the potty and he was done! It was nuts.

He's only ever had like 2 accidents EVER!

Girls are easy. Am convinced of this. My guess? If she knows when she's wet, she's ready. If you aren't ready, well then wait. Snort. I'm helpful aren't I?

Kristen? When did you start with Drew? Can I wait till Kindergarten with Harrison is my real question.

I didn't push my kid with the potty training. And wouldn't you know, when he was about 2 and 1/2, he just started doing it...all by himself. Now, it's not like I didn't make a potty available to him, and explain what he needed to do. But I was SO not one of those mothers that put him on the potty 9873454 times a day and watched him stare at me, while I stared at him, waiting to hear a plop or a stream of urine. I encouraged him if he sat on it, but I didn't PUT him on it. It's funny, I had a friend that put her kid on the pot every 15 minutes; he's now 4 and still shits his pants. Not that there's anything WRONG with that...

You've successfully potty trained two children, so I'm sure you know all the tricks. But something that helped me with my one and only (so far) is a potty insert that goes on the big toilet. She strangely liked going in Mommy and Daddy's toilet WAY better than any singing, light-up potty that spits out stickers. We put the singing potty in the back of the SUV and now anytime she says she has to go, we pull over, and go in the singing potty on the side of the road. It works for us!

For some reason I thought potty training happened around 1 so at Jude's last check-up I asked about what I should do to potty train and she just laughed. Gah. Best of luck!!

Kristen you crack me up! No advice to offer on the potty business but I really enjoyed your writing on this one. Yes, mothering is a dignified profession!

Margot makes me laugh. Good luck with the potty training!

Emma and Margot are the same age and we have been potty training for a couple of months now and it is going well. However, I let her go diaper free all the time and we have two potties set up in the house for her to use at her leisure. Of course I only have her (and one on the way) and so it is probably a little easier for me to clean up pee of the hardwood. She knows exactly when to pee and poo, asks to have a diaper when she isn't in the mood for using the potty, and tells me in public when she has gone and needs a change. All that said she still goes on the floor, the bed, the couch and in her diaper constantly. Diapers are so much easier!

Sorry, but I think it's hysterical that she makes pee sounds with her mouth in attempts to pull one over on you.

My rather strong willed daughter wore the pull ups just like a diaper, not caring that she had gone potty in them. So I used the old fashioned padded potty-training underwear - you know, those white ones that we all wore back when we were little? Worked like a charm. She definitely hated the feeling of wet training pants, and in no time, she was using the potty. At the time, it felt like a true miracle.

lose the pullups that was your first mistake go right to underwear so she can actually feel that she is going or better yet let her go naked from the waist down. Its summer after all

I have this sneaking feeling that Margot is going to be a lot of trouble. I will say this, having daycare help figure out when she was ready and bear the brunt of the accidents, will be something I will miss should I ever have to potty train without them. Now I understand why my mom potty trained me at like 16 months.

It's a week of hell for a lifetime diaper free - and they are so proud of themselves when they finally get it. Good luck!

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