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June 10, 2010


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You're quite the busy gal, I'll have to check out those blogs.

Wow, that mom seems to have her communication in good order.

At my son's school they always make them ask 1. Are you ok? and 2. What can I do to make it better? any time the kids have a run in, accidental or otherwise. It seems to work pretty well!

Damn. I wish that absentee mom at our baby pool would've said those lines. Instead, I think I'll commit them to memory - for my kids and myself.

I would've said:
"Do you really think that's going to get your little pecker played with? Really? That chick ain't going anywhere NEAR your little pecker now. You ruined it."

Here's a link to a video of a guy named Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up". This video blows me away. Someone sent the link to me and at first I was all "This isn't the article on drug abuse among chimpanzee families at the Bogata zoo that you said it was," but then I realized that he had just typed the wrong description of the link. It was a typo. A full sentence typo, really, which I've never heard of but I guess it can happen. Anyway, boy was I happy about getting to see this video and hear this song. This singer should be famous!


I'm so stealing that.

I agree about that other's mom's lines!! I'm going to use that too. Thanks for sharing it.

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