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June 23, 2010


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Laughing so hard at this post and all the links within it. Man I love some MU in the am. Moon Sand, ICK! HA!

I can't believe the rave reviews about Baby Alive on Amazon. These people obviously have not had a real diaper to change for a few years.

@TNG it was just a statement. Didn't force her hand. Swears. *unpacks moon sand box*

Whistles though? I don't know, you kinda deserve what you get. ;)

Am laughing at the thought of whoopee cushions on my lawn.

Issa: I'm takin' out mah earrings, mama, we gonna rumble.

If she sends me moon sand, I will track you down and drive to your house and put a truck-load of whoopee cushions and hand buzzers and chattering teeth and itching powder on your lawn.

That's right. Ima totally get Little Rascals on your ass.

Whistles? She really sent them whistles? I thought you two were joking that night on Twitter.

Recorders. It's the only way to go. Trumpets too. Ooohhh and moon sand. Yes. Moon Sand. *shudder*

Juli - It's because Asian babies already come out potty trained. (heh).

(Mine are only a quarter asian, so that's why they're not - but still early!).

Count me in the "no thanks" category...but but but, like Juli mentioned, where's the Asian one?

Other than the peeing everywhere thing, there are two things that piss me off about that doll: (1) there is no Asian doll, and (2) their advertising screams that it's only for girls. ("There's a Baby Alive doll for girls of every age!" and then the web site being segmented into "boys" and "girls" categories? Gah.) What is my part-Asian little boy to do...? It annoys me, anyway.

Oh and i love the blog!! hope you dont mind added it to my blog roll

I didnt know what that doll was i had to google it. Im guessing a man invented that doll Like us moms dont have enough on our hands we have to take care of a DOLL!!

My daughter got a Baby Alive doll a few years back. I restricted it to only water & not that color devil water it came with & the Target brand preemie diapers. I might have bought that doll, which my daughter lost interest in like all her toys, but mama ain't no fool. I am not paying $6 for 4 doll diapers & have it soil my furniture. I have real children to do that.

Santa brought my daughter the one that just pees because I had such fond memories of my own Baby Alive (I fed her all her food the first day!) but when it peed for the first time we didn't wait for it to finish before we changed the diaper and then it peed all over us. It freaked my daughter out so bad that she wouldn't touch it ever again. I didn't have the heart to tell her real babies do that too.

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