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May 18, 2010


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I guess this sex thing is workin' out for you...

(p.s. congrats!)

Best wishes and enjoy the ride...

WHAT!?!????????? I'm totally in shock. Really!???? Whoa!!!! Congrats, mama! xoxoxoxox!!!!

Congratulations and yay! I am always so happy when I hear someone is expecting -- especially someone who's adventures in motherhood and otherwise crack me up and move me to tears, sometimes in the same post.

Happy for you in Ottawa, ON (and secretly looking forward to seeing you get chunky, since you look so freakin' amazing -- okay, make that not-so-secretly)

Don't worry Julie. I read it twice, very slowly, then figured it out.

Clarification needed here, because I have been thinking about how my previous post sounded ever since I woke up this morning.

The "foot-in-ass" part? "I'm not. But I hope you are as happy as everyone else here is for you."

Ooops. That sounds like I hate you. Or at the very least like I'm not happy for you.

What I MEANT was, and should have written, and thought about it before I hit post was, " I'm not pregnant." Amazing how leaving out one little bitty word changes the entire meaning of a sentence.

I am incredibly happy for you!

Wow- that is amazing! Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family!

Congrats K! :)

Wow. Hats off to you ... and CONGRATULATIONS.
Drew will have to up the ante with 3 sisters. If that's even possible.

I saw the tweets about it yesterday, but my bberry crashed, so here's an official OMG and that's amazing, and Mazel Tov! Sounds weird, but I had this feeling you were when I saw you in Chi. Musta been the burger at Ed Debevics?


I'm not. But I hope you are as happy as everyone else here is for you.

HOLY MACARONI! I know I'm late reading this but I was out last night. WOW! And congrats! You sure can keep a secret, sistah.


Happy congratulations!

No WAY! Congratuations.

Oh Drew! Another sister!! Congratulations!!


Woot! Congrats, and good luck!



Holy moses!!!!!!! You go girl, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Man, you are like Supermomma. I am scared to try for number 2, you totally lapped me...haha!

Holy hell!
Congratulations (I'm a long-time lurker, first time commenter but I couldn't let this slip by)!!!

Congrats. that is great news!

So the pregnancy test you left in the car was working?


Oh this is really great news. Congratulations!!

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? Okay, I totally stalk your blog silently, but I've been reading since before Margot. I'm totally excited for you right now though and am giddy you're having another girl! YAYYYYY! Congratulations!

And wtf, I better have your legs when I'm pregnant with a 4th. This is just ungodly, woman!


OMG...I didn't see this coming! Congratulations!

CONGRATS! Wow! Wow! and Triple Wow! Maybe another wow just to make it equal the number of babies. . .

Wow! Congratulations! Four is a magical number!

Oh wow - a huge congrats!!

Congrats and I second Mom101's comment.

Congrats!! I hope I can talk my husband into a fourth...

Congrats! I think I am probably as far along as you and just found out we are having our third boy. What up with you taking all the girls!?

I read through this 4 times before smacking myself in the head and going duhhhhhhhhhhh!


It is a good thing that Drew is such a boy, because that is a lot of sisters.


happy happy news...congrats, Kristen.

So so SO much love to you.

(Thanks for letting me drink most of your cocktail at Graham Elliot.)

Awesome congrats!!!!!

Woohoo and congrats! That's awesome news!

Yay for baby #4! All of your kids are just a few months older than mine, and we're contemplating a fourth right now. Thanks for blazing the trail for me! Congrats!

Congrats! I barely caught a glimpse of you at the pool tonight and thought she look pregnant, but I haven't read anything about it...maybe I just caught too quick a glimpse at a bad angle...the I do my daily blog check and see this! How exciting!

Congratulations!! Four is a fabulous number! (The laundry gets completely beyond comprehension though. But don't worry about that part for now.)

Yeah, really, I've been meaning to ask you why your eyes have looked so tired! Everybody's talking about it :-)

Now, for your own sanity, start getting the older kids ready to be lending a hand taking care of the younger ones. I figure a 70-30 respective split between siblings and parents is fair, don't you?

Wow.. Congratulations!

Wow - CONGRATS!!!!!

congrats! we have 4 & it's quite dandy.

OMG! Congratulations! And huge hugs!

OMG Congratulations!


Yay! Congrats!


so I guess you never scheduled that vasectomy for your husband you had talked about back in Dec. Best of luck!

Congrats, Mominatrix Duggar!

You should sell your husband's super sperm on eBay. Keep him away from Mrs. Whipping Boy!

Wha...? Huh...? WHAT???

Dude! Congratulations!!!

WHAAAAAA? Congratulations! (And Simon says he is just now reminded that you have great legs.)

Congrats! You look FABULOUS!

You're my idol! Congratulations! (Now let me slink back to barely being able to handle the two I've got...)

Congrats Mominatrix! And now for a way too personal question from a sex researcher (for real)...

Do you experience the second trimester boost in sex drive? If so, enjoy!!

OMG! Congratulations!! Not the secret I was expecting (not that I had a clue what it could be) but such a fun one!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is so exciting! Congratulations!

Congratulations! That is awesome! Best wishes!

Congrats! Found out 2 weeks ago that I'm having a boy. I've heard they are easier. Hopefully it's true because my daughter (now 12) was/is a handfull.

Congrats!! Fabulous announcement - very creative!

So unbelievably happy for you! Bursting at the seams! Yay for you and your beautiful family!!! Next time you're in SJ/Philly I'll buy you a cheesesteak to celebrate - NO WHIZ!

AHHHHHHHHH!! (catching breath) AHHHHHHHHHHH! (catching breath) AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! SAWEEEEEETT!!!

When are you due? SO EXCITING!

Waaayyyy cool! Congrats.

Congrats Kristin! Awesome reveal...just, AWESOME!

Congrats and here's to a happy horny 2nd trimester!

yeah babayyyyy!!!! congrats!

Wow! Congratulations.
(And so well put.)

Further proof that you don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk. Sex columnist/vlogger/author-wise.


Fabulous! You look positively glowing. I hope you'll report back to us every step of the way ...

Four is my lucky number. I'm sure you did this just for me.

The black baby-doll dress is extremely good camouflage. Now please let me buy you a protein and folic-acid filled meal.

WHAT?!?!? OMGoodness! Congrats Kristen!



WHAAAAAAT? Four! CONGRATULATIONS you brave and gorgeous creature, you.


Congratulations! How do you look so gorgeous and sexy you lucky girl!

Wow! Congrats! Exciting!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Four is actually pretty nice! And you look fabulous. I wish I looked that good NOT pregnant!

AAAAACK! How exciting!!!!!

You're beautiful every day, all day, forever.

You forgot the "hot shoes" arrow on photo 3.
Also, congratulations, lady.

WOW. Didn't see that one coming. CONGRATULATIONS!

More babies??!! Dang! Hope everything goes smoothly, easily, and well for y'all.

Wonderful news! Congratulations!

Congrats! Wow. So happy for you!

and you look absolutely beautiful. :D

Congrats- you are positively glowin & definitely practice what you preach:)

Congratulations! Wow, you hid that well!


HOLY MACKEREL! Congratulations!!!!

I third Her Bad Mother! In fact, when I read this I said, "HOLY MOTHER OF... Fuck. Wow." We iz writahs. Wicked eloquent. Congrats!!!

Holy oh -- HUH?! Honey, you conceal all of that better than any woman I've ever seen in a sexy dress and heels. Congratulations! Very exciting news.

OMG!!! I was JUST thinking about you and baby #4!!! Congrats lady!!!


I hear that sexual resolution stuff really works. Congratu-effing-lations!

[and ps people she still walked 1.5 miles over the Broadway hill like it was no big whoop, she is superwoman!]

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