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May 31, 2010


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QuickER? Hmm, something to look up. It never fails to happen on a holiday. Mine didn't this time, but they were with their dad, so it figures they'd all be healthy. ha.

Hope everyone gets better soon.

We celebrated the same way!....it started Friday night (of course), we went to the dr on Sunday. The rapid strep came back neg so we thought we were in the clear, but of course, she had to be in the 5% that cultures positive. We went the shot route and she was feeling better in a few hours....hope your crew is feeling better asap and you stay well!

Hope everyone gets better - we are headed to our pediatrician shortly. Fun times!

Sorry you're missing your trip. I can have a bad burger delivered right to your room at home if that will make it feel more like a hotel. I can also have someone knock on the door at 7 and wake you up.

WTH? Our pediatrician has hours for emergencies on Sunday a.m. Find yourself a practice that does the same! We have to pay $100 for co-pay for each kid!
(Do love the idea of that service though!)
Hope everyone gets better soon.

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