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May 14, 2010


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My boy loves gymnastics. It's totally not fey.

A friend's 3 year old is on a city soccer "team." They don't really play games, but they run around with the ball, do soccer-like activities, and work on some basic ball-handling skills. It is very low pressure, fun, and good exercise, according to her. Maybe your city has something like that?

Also, when my SIL (very active) was a pre-schooler, my MIL signed her up for gymnastics. Again, like the soccer, it was mostly just very basic skills and highly active, rather than competitive.

When the city parks dept list of class thingy came in the mail last week, I was surprised to find that my son will be old enough for organized sports as of this summer. I mean, his 3rd birthday is in three weeks, and 3 yrs old is the youngest age group for the activities that begin in July. T-ball and Soccer and some sort of beginner everything class that is all about instilling sportsmanship.

I tossed the booklet at my husband and told him to sign the kid up if he was ready to be that dad. He's from overseas, the idea of anything organized outside of the school has always seemed strange to him, the idea of organized sports a full two years before school starts really amazed him.

So, this summer will be like last summer: our back yard and regular trip to local playgrounds, but now using the big kid swings. We have a scooter but he can't figure it out, he stands on it and goes no where. I guess our goal is to get him to understand the scooter.

You have inspired me. I will be investing in one asap. Our boys can have a little scooter gang as they scoot their way to the pool. ;o) What a fabulous idea!

I'm with you on the extra curricular/organized activity thing. And a scooter. What a great idea. You just gave me inspiration for my 5 year old's birthday. He needs something other than Lego.

We got Boy Child the Radio Flyer version.


Although, for some strange reason, right now he'd rather wash the cars. Cries when we say, "but, Buddy, it's raining."

I have strange children.

I'm a big advocate of free play outdoors, which it sounds like the scooter is helping to achieve. If you're still looking for a more organized activity, though, I'd suggest Gymboree classes. My son loved them when he was Drew's age!

I put my 2.5 year old boy in swimming and soccer and he loves it... He is in an indoor swim place where you don't have to go in the water w/him... He gets so tired! I actually really appreciate having a boy that I need to "exercise like a dog." I think physical activity is great! I'm more the play active type, not the sit and do princess tea party and Barbies or whatever...

I have been told by several occupational therapists and child development experts that small children absolutely NEED physical movement to organize their developing nervous systems, and that boys in particular have a very hard time relaxing and/or paying attention if they do not get a generous daily dose of it in one form or another.

And see, you didn't even need an expert to tell you that - you just figured it out on your own. What was that you were saying about being behind the curve?

The day my four year old son started riding his big boy bike was a great day indeed. I don't know about gender stereotypes, having only boy children, but my boys need to be run like dogs. I swear to God. And as far as I'm concerned, his swimming class and gymnastics class are what kept me sane this winter. Now that the weather's permitting, I'll just let 'em out back...

Ok, we might just need to get one of these. And a meditation class for me while they boys are riding.

Yay for scooters!

Around the same age I discovered how much easier bedtimes were, and how much happier my son was when I got him OUT in the evenings. Even for just a half hour.

Hmm. Maybe I need to revisit that technique, it kinda got lost last winter. It rains a lot here.


Another activity thought, that maybe both older kids would enjoy (therefor only one trip to plan instead of one each)? I just enrolled my son in karate. OH MY GOD he loves it - he's not much older than your son, and the local spots here start'em at 3. He begs me to go, and dances when I tell him that today's a karate day. They wear him out. My 4 year old does pushups. They talk about how to handle bullies (without fighting), how to help Mom and Dad at home, how to listen to their teachers. They set goals for themselves, yes, at 4. Even better, when Cameron does something that deserves a time out, he sobs and asks me to not tell Sensai.

So awesome, Cathy. And yes, our neighborhood pool just opened today.

I think I hear angels singing.

My husband also refurbished two scooters basically with spray paint. He bought a Razor scooter for our older kid at a thrift shop, and then took the girly little kids' scooter we had (totally pink and purple) and sprayed it black and blue. Instant boy scooter.

Swimming is the other thing that tires my kids out in a beautiful, miraculous way.

Could it really be that easy?? Wear her out, she stops being a brat?

My five year old just got a scooter and he is terrified of it. Could Drew come up to Pittsburgh and help me out? (You think I'm joking but I'm not.)

Yay for scooters! My SIL brought one from Paris for our son's six birthday two years ago. It changed our life. For two years now, he gets about everywhere on his scooter, with his father running behind (yeah, I'm far too nervous of traffic to do that). It means there's always something to keep him occupied (except in winter when it's snowing). And because he's autistic, it's also a really good way of calming his nervous system. We love that scooter.

I keep thinking my three year old needs a scooter. The tricycle is still pretty hard for her, she's tall for her age and uncoordinated for a bicycle, so maybe a scooter would work. I need to do something to get her to go to sleep.

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