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May 07, 2010


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Belated Happy Birthday!

IMO, each year has been better than the last. So 34 (which I also turn this year)? Awesome age! Way better than 20-anything!

happy birthday. 34 is okay, because you still check the "18-34" box when filling out surveys that request demographic information. this is why i don't want to be 35 next month.

Happy Birthday! You're so young! I didn't even get pregnant until I was 33 and you already have three! (That's it, I for sure waited too long and my eggs are rotten now.)

Happy, happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful year full of amazing surprises!

I turned 40 this year. I'm better, smarter, sexier, and have my head on straighter now than I ever have before.

Although, the sexier part might be up for debate. *I* think I'm sexier. And my opinion on that matter is really the only on that counts. :)

I too have reached that stage - actually end of last year. I noticed I was no longer the youngest by 10+ years, but rather the oldest or mid to oldest by at least five years. WOW! When did that happen? Damn all those awesome people who told me how young I looked. I believed them and now I'm totally like "What? How old am?"

Hang on a sec, I'm working on my twerpy college student imitation.

I thought the same about age: never worried about it because everyone was older than me. Now at 40+ everyone is younger. Now I hesitate a bit when asked my age. I look at my mother and grandmother - all the stuff they have going on in thier lives and I think maybe we skipped middle age. If I'm not old now and they don't act old, then who is old?

I remember thinking when I was about 14 that "in 2000 I'll be 33. Wow, that's old!"

Now I'm 27 on the inside, and don't feel middle aged. But, I guess I probably am.......

Happy Birthday!

I'll be 34 in July and I don't feel middle aged though I did not know who Lady GaGa was until about a couple of months ago. You look fab & I want to be just like u when I grow up hehehe ;)

a very happy & healthy birthday K. :-)

Happy Birthday! As someone who is a few years older than you, let me say that it (ack! middleage ack!) is good.
Though I did have a Cougar Town moment yesterday at work. I'm a surgical tech and I thought about our patient, "Wow, he's cute". Then he told us he was 25 and I tucked my tail between my legs in shame.

*He was still cute.

I've been thinking that 44 isn't middle aged so 34 is damn near jail bait. Or something.

Happy Birthday. I guess this means I'll be middle aged next year. Damn. One more good year, at least I get to celebrate at BlogHer.

Happy Birthday, have a good one!

I remember thinking 25 was ancient. Then 30. Now? Well, we don't need to go there.

I hope you have a great birthday.

Happy birthday gorgeous! If you're middle aged, I've got one foot in the sarcophagus.

Can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend.

Happy birthday!

Dude. I turn ***40*** in two weeks. ***40***


(Still: happiest to you ;))

Ah, to be 34 again. ;)

Happy birthday. You're amazing, no matter what your age.

Happy Birthday!

I personally am more comfortable in my body at 35 than I was at 20.

You, lady, are absolutely HAWT. Have a spectacular birthday celebration. You deserve it!

Is 34 really middle aged? I'm not so sure.

You are most definitely smoking hot, lady. Hope your birthday is amazing.

Woot! You get 'em girl. grrrrrrrrrrrr : )


LOL. The closer you get, the younger shit seems. 50 is looking downright YOUTHFUL to me....


I remember when I was 20 I worked with a couple girls who were planning their 10 year class reunion. I thought they were old. They were 28! Now that I'm 34, I'm thinking my kids must think I'm really old.
Have a great birthday dear. And yes, you are so right about facebook. I got more birthday wishes this year than I have in all my birthdays combined. I knew there was a good reason to put my birthday on there!

34 doesn't get hotter my friend. xoxo

Middle age is always 10 years from where I am, so you're definitely safe. And definitely hot. WOO!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!! You know, they say forty is the new thirty, so it would follow that 34 is the new 24, right?

Not middle aged ;-)

Enjoy the day!

Perspective changes quickly. I'll be 41 on Sunday. Middle age is now set at about 50.

Happy Birthday! Welcome to middle-age. Or not. I think you got your proof Tuesday night when that little boy tried to pick you up at the taco place. And I'm sure that happens often. Rowr.

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