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May 15, 2010


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My husband has his own room (it's a guest bedroom) in which he gets ready, makes a mess and throws clothes everywhere. We are having an open house this weekend and we were both going to clean. Usually, he'll take the upstairs and I'll do the downstairs or vice versa. Lately, it has taken him the ENTIRE time to clean his room as it takes me to clean my half of the house. It's so frustrating because if he would keep things tidy we would have been done cleaning last night. SO FRUSTRATING!

Oh no, I take full responsibility. I think I recommended the spa visit gift to him...

next time I'll specify "spa with clean blankets visit"

I asked my husband to clean the house (Which I might ad is a complete disaster!) for Mother's Day... it is my second Mother's Day... and that it ALL I asked of him. Do you think it has been done yet? Nope. Yet he still makes nasty comments about how messy it is... WELL IT WOULDN'T BE HAD YOU DONE WHAT I ASKED FOR FOR MOTHER'S DAY!

Hi hi. My sister and I just wrote a couple of weekend posts on how to get men cooking without making a mess. I was beginning to feel guilty about it, thinking maybe I was being unfair. Not any more!

what do they call this syndrome? ah yes, i believe it's called SELECTIVE HEARING.

Your chicken, my one load of laundry I asked to be folded.

A week ago.

I once left my husband for an afternoon and said "Do not let the boys play upstairs." Only to come home and find practically Every Surface in All 4 Rooms Upstairs Covered In Marker.
So I would love to know the answer as well.

Because, ummmmm, because, uhhh ....

I don't know, but it happens here too.

Your husband vacuums more than me-which is saying something. I could use this story to show my husband that I do not vacuum that much after all. I hope the spa/salon offered you some serious benefits for the poor service you received. Did he offer to get dinner instead?

I'm very confused. So you're saying for my wife's birthday I should give her a trip to the Gyno without the kids? Awesome, I can do that...thanks for the tip!

Cut him some slack...having to work for the government full-time for these past few weeks is bound to erode his intellect. It's written in the manual--I've seen it.

Sometimes it is easier when they are at work... at least then you know you will be the one marinating the chicken.

If you can find an answer for that, please let me know!

That is such, SUCH a good question.

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