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May 20, 2010


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Four is great. And also shockingly more difficult than three. Going from two to three to me was a walk in the park. Kinda why we decided to have another, actually. And then FOUR. BAM, mothafucka!

Yeah, four is our last baby too. :)


At least you make insanity look SO SO good. :P

I have 4 and wouldn't have it any other way. Congratulations Kristen!

we have 3 girls & a boy. although i'm not looking forward to paying for the weddings, i cant wait to be the mother of the bride 3 times and blubber as my babies get married. congratulations!

I am absolutely thrilled for you and your family!

Also, you are making me lean even more towards wanting another baby (it would be our 3rd). Hubby is not on board (yet).

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you! And a bit jealous. If I was a few years younger I wouldn't have had my tubes tied after baby #3 and I'd be on the "yes, no, maybe" plan too :)



So, any time you write anything about your husband's parts, I have to close my eyes and go 'LA LA LAAAAA LAAAA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU.'


DUDE. You're going to have four kids.



Congratulations to you and your husband! I can't wait to read about you and the 4 kids! Hope the pregrancy is smooth going and that your husband finds that now is good time to start seeing the world from your perspective.

So happy for you! I think that we might be at the 4 or over mark someday. At least if the huz has it his way.

Your a brave woman!

You're so brave, congrats on number 4!

Congrats! 10-10-10 is a great due date - she's already planning her appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

And Margo will probably love her to death, if only because they can gang up on their big brother.

I found out a few weeks ago that I was having a boy and the look on my daughters face was priceless! She's 12 but it sounds like her reaction was about the same as your three year old's. The ultra sound tech told her she'd be the only princess this way. (I have a stepson also.) That didn't help her though. Congrats on the little one!

Amazing, isn't it, that people can't just smile and say congratulations?

Welcome to the More Than Three Kids club. I swear,that's what it feels like! Another huge congratulations!

Also: I saw a woman who was easily 7 months pregnant going for a slow jog the other day. I thought she was adorable and I wanted to pinch her cheeks for it, but I also might have wanted to punch her a little because even at 7 months pregnant, she had awesome legs that I don't have NOT pregnant and being able to run 10 miles on any given day.

As a mom who just brought home #4 of 4 kids, I'm feelin' you all over on this one. In a non-dirty, owe-you-10-bucks kinda way.

It's pretty great, really. Am very, very content with my four. And terrified that my husband keeps on insisting that we need to have another boy. I'm 35, yo, and my abs aren't what they used to be...

Congratulations! Yay!

I love this. Love that you did it. Laughing at all of the answers.

So...that video? When do we get to see it?

Damn, I'm so impressed that you kept this quiet for so long! 19 weeks, that's impressive. It helps to be in crazy good shape when you get pregnant in keeping off those pregnancy pounds. Although, that stopped working for me a couple of weeks ago...

I've always been able to tell that you hated being a mom and wife. You must just be punishing yourself for all eternity by having a 4th and staying married to a man with a huge schlong. Hate it.

If you happen to be in Buckhead tonight with your 3.6 babies, I'll be at The Red Door co-hosting a karaoke party ... I mean, a business networking event. There won't be video cameras.

I think this FAQ post justifying a decision that's really no one's business is a great idea! Maybe I'll do the same to address all the google searches for "snuggie porn."

Congratulations! I love reading your tales of motherhood and can't wait to hear all about number 4! I am also somewhat envious as my husband says two is plenty (but I am still bargaining for three).

Gosh, I'm kind of floored that anyone reading this blog would deduce that you "hate motherhood". That's nuts. I love your blog's honesty about how challenging it can be, but I never for a moment felt that you didn't love it! Anyway, just wanted to say that and also congratulations!!

Congrats and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and speedy delivery.

Personally, my philosophy is to never have more children than you have hands. With four, you and your hubby have it well covered.

10.10.10 - I already knew she'd be a 10, but this just seals it.

Geez I've been so busy having my baby I missed the big news! Congrats girl. You are no crazier than the rest of us. Plus October babies rock!

Congratulations!! Best wishes for an healthy pregnancy (what's left of it!) and a smooth delivery!

10-10 is a great day! We made a baby on that very day in 2004.

I also may or may not have aforementioned blackmail birthday karaoke video in question.

Hey, the only questions I were gonna ask aren't on here! They were:

1.) Can you lend me some of your looking-awesome-while-pregnant superpowers if I ever get around to another kid?


2.) When do I get to hold her?


My two have birthdays one day apart and they like it. So maybe Margot and her little sister will too!

My husband is desperately hoping our #5 is on the way. I'm in the yes, no, maybe category. Maybe we'll keep this underwraps for a while like you! Heh.

congratulations on the exciting news!!!

we're currently "Yes. And no. And maybe." on the trying thing or not trying not to try for #4 too :-)

You didn't answer how this ties in to the positive pregnancy test at Christmas time... :)

Sweet - you're expecting another Libra. I'm a big fan! :-)

thats my due date as well :) Congrats!

My husband always jokes that another baby WOULD be great for the blog. And I always say, after 3 kids, what's one more? You know me, I'd have 10 if wishes came true.

I'm thrilled for you. And just a teeny bit jealous. :)


Congrats! This seems offtopic, but ....

It's 'gypped' and it's racist. Comes from "gypsy" which is itself slang for an ethnic group. It's like writing "jewed" or "kyked."

Good answers. I have a girlfriend with four girls, and she always says her four were easier for her than my two were for me. I'm not arguing with her, when you've got four you don't notice the extras, but if you have two, you definitely notice.

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