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April 12, 2010


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I have one 2 year old - sometimes she 'sleeps through' (transalation: wakes up with a bolt at 6am and demands that I do the same), and sometimes she comes into our room in the middle of the night which I'm cool with because not having to get out of bed is awesome and I'm as into cuddles as the next person.

My latest strategy to squeeze out extra sleep is to download puzzle games to the iPhone and that will keep her entertained in bed for another hour or so while I catch up on my precious sleep!

I adore your blog. I always find something to identify with and it makes the parenting gig much less isolating to know someone else is going through it too. and if one other person is, or three people are based on comments, then I can safely assume many other people are and that I'm not a huge freak.

the one thing I repeatedly tell myself and my husband about our lat night visitors and too-early morning wake-ups is that this will be over soon. Our three came within 3 years each other, which means that they will all turn into sullen, cranky, spiteful teenagers at the same time.

So, I try and enjoy the little people that crawl into our bed at 2am for a cuddle and who wake me up at the crack of dawn (in Greenland) and just want me to hold them.

It does not always work. But, a lot of the time time I do remember how quickly this will all pass. And I slow myself down to enjoy holding onto them a little longer.

OMG! I couldn't stop laughing!

You are a wonderful mother. That is all.

Oh, I hear ya! In our house, sleeping in late is considered 7 or 7:30! :-O

For the middle-of-the-night visits from our 3 yo, we just let her climb in bed and go to sleep with us. We've personally found it easier than trying to get her back into her bed and/or falling asleep with her in the little twin bed. But then, she's never been good about sleeping alone...

And this is all why my husband thinks I'm crazy for even considering having a third!

A friend just alerted me to this blog because she says it sounds like my house. I swear you are writing my life. LOVE IT!

When they all slept the first time, I woke up at 3AM in a panic that one of them was dead. When I nudged my husband (b/c who wants to find a dead body???) he said, "It's okay, they'll still be dead in the morning, and we'll have needed a good night's sleep."

For some reason that soothed me enough to get back to sleep.

I totally relate! To all of it! And, yes, our jobs as parents is to "redefine word meanings" and accept that 8:00 is sleeping in. In my house, 7 am is sleeping in. And I DREAD the big boy bed for exactly the nightmare you are describing.

You know, my son is almost 8. And he's even "lonely" when there's also TWO DOGS in the room with him. THen he pulls out the "since I don't have a brother or sister" card. Oh and then there's the "I had a bad dream" about clowns, computers, or what have you. Just saying... Oh hell, I don't know what I'm saying.

Oh what I'm saying is if you ever come to ST.L for a book tour you have a place to say and we've got plenty of boooze but yeah two dogs. (But possibly you'd get more sleep than at your own home.) Is that sad that you might get more sleep here. Or a bonus?

Seriously. Call me if you do a STL tour. It would pretty much be the only time our house will get clean for the year! heeehee,

Yeah, I'm so over the not sleeping. It's bad enough that my kids (2 & 4) "natural" wake up time is 6am exactly. But middle of the night cries for mama because the blanket fell off or someone NEEDS milk is. not. Cool.

Call me. Anytime between 3 and 6 works great.

Luckily, I've never had to deal with this garbage. My son goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up around 6am, every single G.D. day (weekends included). However, I'm a pretty big hardass and can't imagine getting up over and over again. I have to agree, tough love is going to be your only saving grace here if you're looking for some quality shut eye.

I have cried many times in the early morning hours begging for mercy and for just one night of solid sleep. Right now it's just one toddler, but I constantly worry what life will be like when I have a new baby nursing in the night and my little boy still waking up 1-2 times per night crying for mommy.

Every night before I go to bed I chant my mantra in my head: patience. empathy. patience. empathy. And by the time I fall asleep to that, my son is crying in his bedroom needing me. If daddy shows up instead, it's a full on screaming fit. So, even if my hubby and I alternate duties, I'm up anyway. Fun times.

Lock your door. Seriously. If they really, really need you, they will find a way to let you know. Sleep, how precious it is!

Mine tag-team. One night is "practicing to be a place-kicker on Mommy's back" Boy Child, the next it's Perpetual-motion Girl Child.

We can't win. And we're both too weak at 3 am to get them back to their own beds. They know. And they seize the opportunity when you're down to wrestle control over your bed and your sleep.

Like last night. Yaawwwnnnn.

My mom told me that by the time they are all sleeping through the night, the oldest will start driving and you'll be up all night thinking about that. Thanks mom! ;)

I feel your pain! We have the same situation in our house. Sometimes though on nights they do actually sleep through the night my stupid self is up playing on the computer or watching t.v. because I'm waiting for them to make the nightly wake-up call so I can go to sleep afterwards and hopefully get four hours or so of un-interupted sleep. HA! Like THAT ever happens!

I guess I am a bad mom because I have no problem letting my kiddos cry. Any little thing can wake them so isn't it important for them to fall back asleep on their own? Either way..your sleeping in your bed, I'm sleeping in mine! Just think when they are teenagers you will be begging them to get out of bed! HA.

Oh do I feel your pain. My "goes to sleep by himself, sleeps through the night" son was abducted by aliens and in his place (as of 3 weeks ago) is a child who would no longer sleep in his crib and will now not sleep in his new full-size bed. Hubby and I have alternated sleeping with him in our bed and sleeping alone in his. We hate it but keep saying to each other "It's just a phase." My ass - it feels like we'll be doing this up until the night before he leaves for college.

I have not mastered walking them back to bed. I wake up betwixt multiple cherubs with a grouchy sleeps-through-it-all husband halfway out of bed.

I don't think it ends. Not until you're so old you don't sleep at night anymore. Sorry.

The good news is that my girls have outgrown most of this and (usually) stay in bed all night. My son though does this thing where he runs into my room in the middle of the night, leans over my head and whispers as loud as he can, "I'M SCARED!" and then runs out of the room. I, of course, wake up and stumble to find out what's wrong and then usually fall asleep next to him.

I recently learned that he does this b/c he can wake me up without waking up his (sterner) father. Friggin' smart kid.

But at least they all have full-sized beds so I can fit. I'm not sure if this makes me super smart for buying them or just a bigger pushover than I originally thought I was.

The early teen years are good, they get up themselves and let me sleep :) But my 16yo girl has ALWAYS been a night bird, still awake at 11pm. I blame her dad during pregnancy. She would kick me, so he would poke her and she would kick back and...so on. All while I was trying to sleep!

Your unbroken sleep will come. And it's worth it!

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