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April 30, 2010


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Oh, yeah. That was me. That's how long I've been away from commenting on blogs. omfg.



I'm all teary-eyed.

In my family growing up there was me, my brother and my sister. I've always been closer with my brother. But there is something special about having a sister. Who gives me great medical advice. Even though she's not a doctor.

So sweet. I come from a family of five sisters who I am currently not speaking to and may never again. And yet? It still breaks my heart my own little girl will never have a sister...


ah, as a sisterless woman, I was so pleased to have two girls, friends for life I thought. My mom and aunt laughed in my face--but now my widowed aunt is considering moving 800 miles to Florida to be nearer her sister so the childhood connection even matters when you are both nearing 70.

Meanwhile, my two despise each other, except of course, when they need each other. They have nothing in common except their genes, but sometimes, that's all you need.

*jealous* of both generations. My favorite sister in law is divorcing my brother, the closest thing I've had to a sister is now useless to me. (Please, no one tell me how she and I could still be friends. In theory, yes.ex-in-laws can be friends. In this particular case, the details of the situation say: no.)

I don't think I ever realized how similar they looked until seeing these photos side by side.

You do make some happy children, don't you.

I currently have one boy and one girl and am due in 10 weeks with #3 (gender unknown). I can't wait to find out if we'll have 2 brothers or 2 sisters in our family and what that will do to the family dynamic--honestly, either way would be great!

You just can't go wrong with two girls and a shared Minnie Mouse costume. Yay for the power of two (and a rodent in polka dots)!

It always takes me a while to go from "baby" to "boy" or "girl" too. And now I say "my boys and girls" and it is SO WEIRD.

My girls are 7 year apart and adore each other. I love seeing their sisterhood blossom; I have 2 brothers and always wished I'd had a sister.

Oh I so hope my next one will be a girl b/c of all the reasons you and your readers mentioned above AND b/c I don't want to learn a new thing (I hear keeping the little boys peepee clean is a pain! And no thank you, I'm not into golden showers!)

Love the pics!

I also have two adorable little girls--they are 3 years apart. i love seeing them play with each other--they are so in love with each other! i grew up with a sister too so it is so much fun to have pink & purple take over the house

Two girls is neat. I love watching the relationship mine have. Most days at least. I always wanted a sister and I just hope mine grow up to be friends.

It's so crazy to me that I remember when Q was 18 months. Because I started what a month after you? B was 19 months in my first post. And now they're five and a half. How the hell did that happen?

Bah, I clicked on the sister link and left a comment there instead. Anyway, sweet sweet post. xo

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